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Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Stitching Week…….

Still not feeling 100% so back to the GP I went, she seems to think a test for Whooping Cough will not be illuminating, because I vaccinated for it in October 2010, I mentioned I was having terrible indigestion, she explained the nerve running up through the oesophagus can be irritated by gastric reflux, resulting in coughing.  I came away with  some lifestyle changing suggestions and a script for antacid medication and a suggestion to use a pain killer with codeine as it’s the most effective cough suppressant.  Then I reversed into a post as I left the car park! It’s an expensive business this being sick!

Let’s see if I feel any better by weekend’s end shall we?

In the mean time…….

My round robin project came home.  You may remember this post, where I showed my centre embroidery.  Here is how it’s turned out.

Round Robin 2010

I’m thrilled with the finished project, it’s colours are just perfect, bright and clear, just like the embroidery floss I used in the centre block, so these swappers must be very tuned in! Thank you Vicky, Fiona and especially Jan who brought us all together.

I did a little on line shopping one recent Friday evening when I should really have been tucked up in bed.  I stumbled onto and Etsy site called Zip It Zippers I was feeling unwell and blue and the sites colours grabbed me and I didn’t resist.  Here is my booty.

Zip it Zippers

The 12 coloured zips made me smile and because I can’t resist a bargain 12 brown zippers were added to my shopping basket. All 12” zips for an extremely good price along with the fabric they are resting on, not sure what I’ll use for but I had to have it to check it out. It’s a knit fabric with a shiny side and a dull side, I think it can be used in wet packs and swim nappies for babies.

The zipper pull was a gift from the site owner Jennifer, and I have to say the service was impeccable, and I recommend you check it out, especially if your stash of zips is a small one!

Oh and especially if you’re feeling a little blue!

Family room couch 

On the home front, it was time for a new couch.  Just before the January floods we had decided on a style and taken home the fabric swatches to see which on would work with the furniture and fittings already in the Family room, but sadly that store went right under in the floods and hadn’t started trading again, when I felt the urge to get rid of the old clunker.

The first 5 stores we visited had nothing we liked in the size or price we had in mind.  I had a specific idea in my mind and finally found it at Super Amart.  Not as expensive as the first one we decided on and the colour worked better with the room.  It was also in stock…..another important consideration.  I don’t  like to spend too much because I get rather bored with a rooms look and think an expensive item needs to stay in place much longer to get the value of my dollar otherwise!

The cushions give it a colour lift, and despite the opinion of the others who live here I LOVE THEM!

I have a new rug on the agenda for my next decorating update for the Family room, stay tuned!

Beautiful Brooklynn

With the news item this week regarding babies and dummies (pacifiers) I couldn’t resist this photo shoot.  Brooklynn thinks her dummy is a toy, she also sucks her thumbs, no preference for the right or the left as yet.  I know there are some very strong opinions out there, but at the end of the day, I think it’s a quiet life most of us are seeking, and who are we to condemn a mother for the choice of how she tries to achieve this.



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Dianne said...

Oh Julie, sorry to hear you have been sick and run into a post to boot!! Brooklynn looks like she is having fun with the dummy. Anything for a quiet life I say. The zips are so lovely and colourful. I have a bit of a fear of zips:-) Hope you are well and tip top soon. Di.

Cath Ü said...

Julie... First off Brooklyn is still the most gorgeous baby...

Love the new couch and I am with you love the cushions too.

Cath Ü

Sue said...

Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Hope the change of diet will help. Fancy running into the post. You have to laugh - anyway you had an excuse.
Love the cushions.Hope to See you on the 12th for Quilt Day.Really looking forward to catching up again.