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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday evening and the weekend is over!

I both love and loathe the weekends, love them because I am free from going to work, and loathe them because they are so very short and often leave me feeling less than satisfied with what I can achieve in just two days.

By the time I have caught up on a little sleep, a load or two of washing, some much needed house cleaning, preparing meals and sometimes shopping for necessities, there is precious little time left for much else.

This weekend whizzed past in a blur and before I could blink it’s Sunday night.

My LPC (Local Patchwork Club) met this week and I captured their show and tell to share with you.

Vision Patchwork 16th March 2011 1

1.Gail’s granddaughters dress 2. Kathryn’s mobile phone case 3. Gail’s new ‘designer’ spectacles 4. Sue’s appliqued cup cake 7. Gail’s apron. 8. Another of Sue’s appliqued cup cakes. 9. Kathryn’s pile of drawstring bags.


Vision Patchwork 16th March 2011 2

1. Jeanette’s Christmas table topper 2. Margaret’s polar fleece no-sew rug 3. Joy’s fabric flower 4. Debbie’s applique basket block 5. Another of Margaret’s rugs 6. Ann’s new spectacles 7. Close-up of Jeanette’s embroidery 8. Goodies box donation suggestion 9. Another of Jeanette’s embroidery blocks 10. The whole table runner. 11. Cindy’s stunning row x row quilt.

With a little gentle prodding all but one had show and tell. The new glasses were a good natured way of having something to show. Ann is on notice, she must produce something for next meeting or face some very serious consequences…..not sure what they are but I’m sure they will be dire!

My Show and Tell

I did manage to complete two small quilts this week.  The first finish was a little 9 patch embroidery block quilt.  My friend Sharon shared her pattern with me.  I found the perfect accompanying fabric at my LPS (Local Patchwork Shop)


This slightly bigger quilt is for my friend Frell’s grandson Corben.  I must make the label before I give it away later this week.


A few other little bit and bobs…….

P1030790  P1030792

Card Classes and a decorated baby singlet for Brooklynn


Sit Me Up Donut from a delightful pattern from Paula Storm.

P1030794 P1030793

Baby Swaddle wrap from this blog tutorial.

P1030799 Covered coffee jar.

Here I was thinking I had achieved very little, it’s a timely reminder of why I blog….. without the visual display it is easy for me to forget what I’ve done!

Feeling very pleased with myself now…..time for bed.


Good night,


OK OK here she is……. trying to crawl no less! Her arms go nowhere, just the legs!


Leah says she is almost sitting up, or perhaps it’s balancing in a sitting position for a few moments?

Thanks for visiting!

J x


Linda said...

You sure DO accomplish a lot when working full time! Goodness. Don't be too hard on dear Julie. She does so much with her spare time. The little embroidered elephants quilt is as cute as can be. But most of all, I enjoyed catching a glimpse of your fingernails (thumbnail)! Is that something you regularly do? Or is every day a special occasion? I have nail envy.

Jenny and Robin said...

Yes, you have been busy, plenty of goodies to show us. It is always nice to see show and tell from stitching groups too.

Dianne said...

Great show and tell from the group, Julie, and your show and tell was fab too. You certainly achieve a lot for someone that works. I love the donut and the fabric you used in it!

cindyw6621 said...

Hi Julie, Thanks again for the great job you do with our show and tell and for sharing your new projects.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your Donut made for Brooklyn.