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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vision Patchwork Group Meeting

This week I have a special post to showcase the Show and Tell from this weeks meeting. In an attempt to motivate and inspire the members we are bringing show and tell on a more regular basis.  In the past, I think it was expected that show and tell be of recently completed or in the process of being completed items.  Not so…..we meet twice a month and right now we are compiling a recipe folder of the evenings supper delights, culminating in a covered folder with the added twist of a guessing competition.

Each covered folder (or not) will be displayed with a baby photograph of the owner and the members will try to guess who belongs to the folder and photograph.

This is planned for the Christmas meeting breakup, should make for an interesting evening that’s for sure.

Here is Wednesday 2nd March 2011 show and tell‘

Vision Patchwork 2nd March 2011

1. Margaret’s polar fleece baby quilt. 2.3. & 4. Jeanette’s Covered folder 5. Julie’s Pin Cushion   6. Cindy’s Handbag Insert. 7. Kathryn’s Appliqued Bags 8. Debbie’s Covered Coat hanger 9.Debbie’s Mobile Phone Pouch 10. Judy’s Jacobs Ladder 11. Margaret’s Polar Fleece Baby Quilt 12. & 13. Gail’s Applique Blocks 14. Karen’s 7 Sisters Block 15. Karen’s “Baltimore style” quilt top.

Ann provided the supper, delectable Savoury Muffins and delicious Chocolate Brownies. Sue had stitching for show and tell but it was of the medical variety and I thought in the interest of good taste we should skip show casing those…….truth to tell, I forgot to get a photograph, because let’s face it, I am not known to be the arbiter of good taste at times!!!

An enjoyable evening was had by all.


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Cath Ü said...

Hi Julie... I Love all of the things the girls had for show and tell.... yeo surprised me you never got pics of Sue's stitches as well.... LOL

Cath Walker