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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Here I am……

OH my goodness it’s been a long time between posts….I feel like a lifetime of things have happened since my last post, so where to begin…..maybe I’ll start at today and work backwards.


Today the 7 July is our 17th Wedding anniversary.  Greg and I had a coffee date to celebrate.

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Life has been so busy since I started full time work, I think I have almost got a handle on it, and my supervisors seem to be pleased with my efforts.

The challenge is to get my stuff together at home.  Cleaning has taken a back seat, and that is really difficult for me to get my head around. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can’t do everything!

Especially as I still want to have an active social life and manage a few hours in my sewing room.  I’m sure I will get used to allocating a little time to the most important things so I can keep a healthy balance.

I’ve been doing a bit of knitting and some reading on the train each day and it is a real treat to just relax knowing there is absolutely nothing else I can be doing, and it’s not the drama I was expecting it to be.

999506_10201563753395406_795605943_n Here is my latest finish a scarf using Merino and Possum yarn. Beautifully warm and not scratchy, the ultimate test for my sensitive neck!

Recently I went to a Quilting retreat at Mt Alford Lodge, it was a spectacular weekend and I was quite productive and managed to get a few projects completed.

The weekend before I did some cutting of fabric to get a head start but this little lunch bag just wouldn’t wait…..

975188_10201420535255042_489420959_n  973579_10201420513614501_1297291456_n

I cut fabric for a cot quilt for a friends grandson.

975955_10201420003961760_395390609_n 973430_10201449814307000_1580133285_n

Today it is all finished and ready for gifting!

1058722_10201606800431555_1287383250_n I backed it with a very nice purple and white spot flannel.

975961_10201445389076372_2145579132_n 973071_10201445388156349_563101624_n

I had to replace my every day bag, I managed to wear it out! This one is using a heavier fabric from the furnishing section at Spotlight.

975653_10201450414842013_1388257940_n Oh yes another bag, this one was a panel, the instructions in Japanese?? Thank goodness I have made a bag or two, and I was able to work it out! This one is perfect to carry a magazine to read at work.

975652_10201419992121464_661202421_n This clear vinyl pocket was perfect for my rotary cutter, except the blade slid out just a tiny bit and cut through the plastic! I’ve since changed it to another cutter that locks closed, problem solved!

974930_10201450991616432_1479106670_n These tiny fabric baskets now hold my 1” hexagons.

961987_10201455149000364_1707475319_n  961816_10201454490543903_938815810_n

Wanting to do a little card making at Retreat I decided to get ahead of the game and make birthday cards for Brooklynn and Quinn for later this year. There are three more of the hand bag card, I liked them so much.

Mt Alford Retreat 2013

I had a splendid weekend with these wonderful women and I am counting the weeks until 2014 and we can do it all again!

I think that is more than enough blog up dating for now, although I probably can’t sign off without a photo or 3 of my delightful grandchildren…..

1062729_10201555009376811_161657377_n Brooklynn and her collection of sticks.

975913_10201281326934921_243949749_n Quinn is now 6 months old, has 4 teeth and is crawling!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

My Goodness you've been one busy lady. Happy Anniversary to you!! Can't believe the baby is now 6 months old. They grow so fast, don't they. Congrats on your job and just remember it's all a balancing act. You don't have to be super woman and do it all!! Hugs!!

Sue said...

You are so prolific - Could never keep up with you. It would have taken me twice as long to make your new shoulder bag. All your projects are so lovely, and of course it goes without saying that the grandies are gorgeous! :-)

Julie Feldhaus said...

i found your blog through another blog and for a minute I thought I was in the twilight zone My name is Julie and my husbands name is Greg what?? We have 3 kids and 7 grandkids. Nice to meet you:)