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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Cards and paper crafting……

My sewing machine has been in for its annual service, and while it was away I did some card making and found myself really enjoying the fast pace and quick turn around of the craft.

Choosing paper patterns to coordinate and contrast reminds me of making a quilt, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I enjoyed the process so much.

1057789_10201696479353472_2016900738_n 1062919_10201758032292257_1633583194_n 1075252_10201696463313071_618305966_n 1080666_10201758524704567_999367310_n 

1079254_10201696484993613_1244906939_n 1080163_10201758043612540_1335933502_n Card for all occasions.

1058962_10201695574050840_1436440216_n 1063489_10201695572170793_1779379784_n 

This box and card set was the result of a class I went to recently.  The box along with the cards and gift tags were included and I plan on using them as gift’s in due course.

1078372_10201696352030289_1099344791_n I went home and completed a second set and was thrilled that I managed to remember the finer details of the workshop and finished it in quick time.

Tonight I have been following a You-Tube tutorial for making covered boxes.  I wanted boxes to store or gift a set of greeting cards and this one was so simple and easy to follow I’ve completed 3 very quickly. Thanks to some great ‘tools & equipment’ my paper trimmer and scoring block.

1082018_10201802956575336_20471608_n 1097447_10201803008536635_1773594586_n

1068973_10201802957575361_1351936894_n 1082308_10201803011536710_73140107_n


I joined a Pin Cushion Swap earlier this months and this week I received my Pin Cushion from my Angel, Alison Wellham.  She included some delightful little pins and a block of Fruit & Nut Chocolate. I felt very spoilt.


I’ve also ben doing a little knitting.  These camo yarn booties are for Quinn.


Greg and I went for a drive in the country 2 weekends ago, it was a perfect winter day, clear and cool.

1081472_10201702919194464_2062993477_n 1079199_10201702928994709_1202417308_n

1080660_10201702920194489_898016543_n 1079270_10201702924474596_271688524_n

1068837_10201702922154538_1914498019_n Here is Greg guarding our coffee and fudge, the farm dog was a little nosey and when he wasn’t ‘leaning’ on us, he was looking for unprotected food!

1068938_10201660530854782_1229331394_n 1005907_351758208291066_654654675_n 

The final word goes to my darling grand children, Brooklynn and Quinn.

1013008_351763074957246_552758403_n 998555_351762534957300_987716910_n 1009828_351762491623971_1843910626_n

1012626_351762714957282_597462346_n 1013008_351763074957246_552758403_n 998191_343430819123805_1475280320_n

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx



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FlourishingPalms said...

I've missed seeing you in the blogosphere, Julie! It's apparent your darling grandchildren are taking lots of your free time. Didn't you enjoy not having a sewing machine for a while, so as to have an excuse to work on something different? Hope that machine is in service again, and that you're having fun creating - probably another purse or tote of some sort. And I hope winter has been treating you kindly. Enjoy!