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Friday, May 03, 2013

It’s May already……

Another busy few weeks, where does the time go?

912057_10201128900924366_481630885_n 912093_10201145285733976_269467098_n

A finish for this wall hanging.  I enjoyed the machine quilting, so perhaps I’m beginning to feel more comfortable doing it?

30981_10201152220867350_58053899_n These orphaned stitcheries have been waiting for just the perfect application. Recently while trawling Pinterest, I found some ideas for fridge magnets and originally I thought miniature pieced blocks would look great, then I remembered these stitcheries and the rest as they say is history!

528329_10201151804016929_630561686_n 644580_10201151305684471_1223604840_n

These are two more orphaned stitchery blocks, and with a few ‘tools’ and a couple of pre stretched canvas frames, another two UFO’s are finished and ready for display during the festive season!

I’m really on a roll with these canvas frames, I found a great art supplies place close to work and I picked up a few more to take another couple of stitchery blocks in waiting!

 .facebook_-1622193329  911387_10201075680833897_1206766618_n

Our grand children are growing so fast and keeping us entertained at the same time.  Brooklynn says the funniest things and Quinn is very ticklish and I love hearing him chuckle.

909221_10201145280493845_224214446_n A few more covered coat hangers to add to my collection.

911924_10201178073313645_1386458464_n A stitchery that has become a tray mat.  Perfect for taking my tea and coffee outside to enjoy in the beautiful autumn sunshine. I think I will tea stain it before I start using it, then the real tea and coffee stains may not show quite so much!

912014_10201191588531517_2095536434_n This is the view from the window where I’m working at the moment.  What began as a 4 day assignment has turned into two weeks.

It’s really busy and the work is very interesting. It’s in the city and I am enjoying the train commute as I get to catch up on my reading on the trip to and from.

A ten minute walk from the station gets my step count up and I love going out at lunch time to browse the shops or have my lunch in a nearby park, this autumn weather is very addictive!

That’s about all my news for now, thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

You are such a busy lady. Sounds like work is fun and an adventure for you. Your stitchery ideas are too cute and your wall hanging is gorgeous. Hugs!!

FlourishingPalms said...

You're sure creating some lovely things. I'm quite smitten with that matryoshka dolls quilt. Good for you to have achieved FMQing you like! You make truly lovely things. And I'm glad to hear you're employed, doing something you find interesting. Certainly the place you work looks very nice. Continue to enjoy life, as it sounds like you are!

Dianne said...

Hope I can get the same feel for the machine quilting,Julie. Still practising. Tea staining sounds like a good idea for the tray cloth. We are also enjoying this beautiful autumn weather. Love all your stitcheries and the canvas frames are a good idea too. Di.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Stunning work as per your usual efforts! Thanks for sharing :-)