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Friday, April 12, 2013

Here I am…..back to my Blogging

Phew, life has been extra busy this year…..What’s happening, well since my last blog update, I have finished another temp assignment and have been to a couple of interviews.  I worked up until the week before Easter and fortunately my time off has coincided with the end of Jordan’s school term.

Easter was exciting for us here, now that the Easter Bunny knows to deliver goodies for our beautiful grandchildren.

580323_4935505459474_1507702241_nThis is what Brooklynn woke to on Easter Sunday in her house,  then followed the prints all the way up our driveway……Not only was Brooklynn amazed but many of our neighbours too.  Most driving past our houses slowed right down to look and to try not to disturb the prints.

As it turned out, the flour was much harder to remove that anyone expected….. the faint outlines can still be seen on the road, after several showers of rain!

599682_10201002284959046_706404493_nI made these really cute bunnies for Brooklynn.

1711_10201002284159026_631354790_nThis little bat was for Quinn.


Here are the patterns I used. I bought them at the recent Stitches & Craft Show, along with a few more paper and card craft paraphernalia!! I was quite restrained as far as fabric craft is concerned. Let’s face it, I probably have more than sufficient in that area… For now!

58897_10201048214267250_760106616_n 528337_10201054589906637_640247620_n 601599_10200950881473991_869349890_n531557_10200967120239950_765542625_n


I’ve been doing a little card making, and enjoying it so much.  Not such a big departure from patchwork really, just cutting up paper and cardboard and sticking it back together…..right up my alley really.

I’m still going well with my weight loss and fitness journey, having been at my goal weight since last year I am proud to say I navigated Christmas, New Year and Easter within budget!

A friend encouraged me to try a newer style of pedometer called a Fit Bit Zip, wireless activity tracker.

fitbitIt syncs with my laptop when I’m in range and tracks my steps, distance travelled, calories burned and the all important……time!

It has really motivated me to keep moving, getting as much incidental exercise as possible along with my morning and or afternoon walk. I have set my goal of 10,000 steps and my distance travelled at 10km. The first day I passed the 10km I was amazed and it has given me the competitive edge I was looking for.

I haven’t let my lifestyle change keep me from baking, with extra time on my hands, I have been experimenting with a few new and not so new recipes. I’ve also enjoyed a few successes with recipes my friends have shared with me.

67269_10201034019512390_1758359715_n 300166_10201010991536705_1366337825_n563627_10201059706754555_1063441186_n 579702_10201060157165815_743659751_n

Old fashioned Chocolate Slice, Lemon Slice and a new recipe (to me) Fudge Coconut Slice. Custard Coconut Cup Cakes. Gail’s Beef & Red Wine Casserole and my very own Sweet Potato Soup.

579668_10201016878403873_1221491087_n 523653_10201016874483775_1425371563_n

Just to show you that I have done a little in the quilting area, here is where I am with this wall hanging. I’ve done a little machine quilting in the pieced blocks, and now waiting for inspiration on how to complete it.

I feel really productive in just about all areas of my life right now…… life is good!

64381_10201011923079993_340532219_n Looking at these darling children just makes my day, and I love every moment I get to watch them grow, I am a very lucky Nanny!

Now for some couch time….with luck Greg will offer to make me a nice cuppa while we watch some TV and I will continue to knit a few more covers for coat hangers.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

My goodness you have been a busy woman. I love the flour prints all over, I bet they were a huge success. Glad to see a post and catch up with you. Hugs!!

FlourishingPalms said...

Whew! Either you're a super-on-the-go Nanny, or you save up everything you've been doing to post once a month! In either case, you've had a lot going on. Hmm, wonder how that big bunny got into your flour sack. And how unexpected that it made a bit of a mess! It's nice to see your cards, your baking (how can you eat such foods and still maintain your weight!?), and your cute grandies. I can tell you're a happy lady. Now let's find you a job, right?