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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Quilt Finish to share…..

I am making a concerted effort to keep my blog updated.  I have had a few comments from one or two followers of my blog mention I’ve been a bit tardy of late.  As I have confessed before I am a little addicted to Face Book and the fact that I can update my activities on to run and as they happen.

Here’s what I have to share with you…..

64381_10200931891439252_371309151_n  601507_10200931892919289_1157578353_n

All three quilts I worked on at my Retreat in November have now been finished, right down to the washing…….I do love the wrinkled up look washing and drying quilts gives, that cosy, used look is really the look I love!

Brooklynn's Birthday Book  Brooklynn's Birthday Book inside

Last weekend I finished this Birthday Book for Brooklynn.  The stitchery comes from Cath Walker Designs where she gives so very generously of her beautiful drawings.

I completed the stitchery without any real idea of how I would use it, and then without warning I knew it would become to cover for The 20 Questions Birthday Book! 

The idea is to begin on Brooklynn’s 3rd birthday when I will ask her a series of 20 questions then on her 18th birthday she will be presented with the completed book as a memento of her favourite things while growing up! She turns three in October.

Vision mini Workshop ribbon poinsettia

Earlier this months at my LPG (Local Patchwork Group) we did a mini workshop on making Decorative Poinsettia flowers from ribbon.  It was a fun evening with the usual madness happening due to the addition of hot glue guns!!!!”

The Chocolate Pavillion The Chocolate Pavillion 2

Yesterday my sister Wanda and I had a “Sisters Day Out”…..we started our day with a 6:00am walk, then we went to West End to check out the markets.  The markets were very busy and there were fruit and veggies everywhere, fresh and reasonably priced.

We both managed to get a small stash of navel oranges, lady finger bananas, yellow capsicum, sweet potato, red seedless grapes, rockmelon and some divine Vietnamese bakery goods!

After taking those back to the car we found a kitchenware shop to explore before going to our next destination Mick’s Nuts where we purchased some Choc/Honey coated Macadamia Nuts and I also bought some Choc coated Coffee Beans, delightful shop with really good customer service.

The it was time for lunch and to decide where next to venture.

As you will have seen by the above photographs the menu held some tempting items, we both chose drinks and decided to share the Crisp Chocolate Tart…….perfect!

The Chocolate Pavillion 3

Today it is hot at 35C with luck it may be the last of the hot stuff now that autumn is upon us!

559681_10151520368942249_882173611_n Quinn looks so much like his mother as a baby!!

Beautiful Brooklynn Beautiful Brooklynn!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


FlourishingPalms said...

It's lovely to see your doin's, Julie. So happy for you to have that nice quilt finish, and to be enjoying time with your sister and grandies. You have a couple of little cuties there! Since not all of us Facebook, it's good to know we can find you here.

Sue said...

Ah ha! I see your keeping up the calorie intake if nothing else. haha!! Love that quilt, and a great idea for Brooklynn. Clever thinking ahead.
Hey do you want to send me a friend request for facebook. Can't find you there. :-)

Anonymous said...

JulieandDavid Marchetti
Hi Julie. Can't find you on FB and would love to catch up with you. The above is my link so would be great to keep in touch.
Julie in Geraldton.