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Friday, March 08, 2013

Busy times–this is a long catch up post!

My new job is keeping me out of trouble, I’m learning so much and enjoying the change of scenery. It is refreshing to work with professionals who recognise and appreciate hardwork and aren’t spending their time looking to provide positions for family and friends and those who kiss ass!

Three days are just perfect, I get to have the best of both worlds, no more early starts either.

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My other days have been well spent, I’ve filled my days with catching up with friends, baking, cleaning and paperwork, then I enjoy a few hours uninterrupted in my sewing room.

Leah, Brooklynn and Quinn regularly come for morning tea.

 163312_10200708915464992_1120707268_n I have honed my cappuccino making skills too!

71798_10200457863028838_2096064021_n This delicious French Toast was another new experience for me too. I had a dream that I cooked French Toast, so when I woke the next morning I thought it was a good omen to do so.

480120_10200511967341412_596990017_nWhile on our last holiday I picked up a gem iron from a kitchen shop in Berrima and recently bought a pack of Poffertjes (mini Dutch Pancakes) mix and as a mid morning treat I cooked these for the first time. Yummy!

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The binding is cut and ready to apply once the quilting has been done.

The babies are growing very fast, and Brooklynn makes me laugh with the funny things she comes out with at times.  I love having her for a visit and I have promised both her and her mother that a sleep over at Nay’s is something I look forward to…….once she sleeps through the night!!!!!LOL

Sharon & Julie 

My dearest friend Sharon and I at her daughter Cassandra’s recent engagement party.

Over the weeks since I last updated my blog I have been finishing projects and sorting through a few UFO’s to see what can be completed and what needs more work…….Block swap blocks from years pastThese blocks have languished in a box awaiting inspiration……they still wait!

Homemade Ironing SprayI made a batch of lavender scented ironing spray.

Repurposed skirt Brooklynn wearing the repurposed skirt

This was originally a skirt I made for myself a few years ago, I grew out of it… it has now been repurposed into a dress and a skirt for Brooklynn.

3 generations of hands  Quinn's first sleep over at Nay's

I’ve done a little artistic photography with 3 Generations of hands…..and a simply darling shot of Quinn asleep on our bed, titled First Sleep over!!

Hawiian charm squares quilt completedAnother finished quilt, this time using the charm squares I bought on my trip to Hawaii in 2012.  I’m thrilled to be able to say it has been finished before the 1st anniversary of my trip.

Covered Coathangers 2012 A large batch of covered coat hangers finished.

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Brooklynn and Quinn 

Our beautiful grand children!

Brooklynn and the dirty face  Quinn and his thumb

Brooklynn and Quinn

I think that just about brings my activities up to date…….

Thanks for hanging in and thanks for visiting!

Julie xxx

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Sue said...

What lovely photos of the kiddies! Glad your new job is going so well - getting too old for those early morning starts hey?? Love the photo of you and Sharon.