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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catch up blog post.

It’s been very busy here since my arrival home from holiday.

P1050824 Brooklynn celebrated her 2nd Birthday.

P1050828 P1050822

We had a little family get together to help her celebrate.

P1050817 P1050832

It took very little time for the holiday feeling to pass once I returned to work.  Jordan went to Camp and that gave me the opportunity to give his room a thorough clean. So it was only a day or so before I was back doing all the usual things.

P1050839 My only craft finishes are some cards.

P1050838 A lovely lady named Maree, who attends my local patchwork club is a very talented card maker. She has generously offered to help us make cards each meeting until the end of the year.

The meetings are a riot, with laughter and good natured ribbing as we attempt to do things outside our comfort zone, all while being watcher by others who are quite comfortable with paper craft.

So when Maree asked us if we were happy to continue making cards, she was greeted with a very loud YES PLEASE!

P1050840 Yesterday I joined a few friends, to attend the Brisbane Quilt & Craft Fair.  It was a fabulous day.  I bought only a few things Including a Sew Ezi portable sewing machine table.

P1050841 Perfect timing for my upcoming Quilt Retreat!

P1050836 P1050837

Georgie makes a very good mother, taking care of Brooklynn’s baby, why is it toddlers prefer naked dolls?

P1050842 P1050827

Here is a comparison photograph of Leah at about the same age as Brooklynn, I don’t see a lot of similarities, probably because I think Leah looks very much like her father and Brooklynn looks very much like her father…. ?

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Linda said...

Goodness! I had to look twice at that picture of Brooklynn's baby doll! I thought perhaps Leah had delivered early... and why would you let a dog in bed with a newborn?!

How great that you could share Brooklynn's second birthday with her. She's a doll, and I know you're enjoying her very much. Not so much enjoying cleaning Jordan's room, of course.

Sounds like card-making is a blast. Let the good times roll!

Cathy said...

Lovely post! Must get the recipe off you for that cake....yum!!!

Tammy said...

I can't believe how much she's grown and how beautiful she is. I love watching her progress through your blog. You did good at the quilt show, no fabric??? Hugs!!

Sue said...

I too got a shock when I saw the baby doll. I thought - how come you hadn't posted about the baby, and after reading it again saw it was a doll!! the dog in with her - I don't think so Grandma!haha.
Brooklyn looks like she's having a great time. BTW You'll love your Sewezi table. I've had one for about 2 years.