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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Last day of our road trip….

P1050791 P1050792 P1050793 P1050794

On the road between Wellington and Dubbo were fields of Canola, the beautiful yellow haze was very pretty.

P1050795 P1050796

We called into visit Jordan’s friend Steve and his family.  It’s always a concern when your 15 year old son befriends someone using XBox online, so it was comforting to find that Steve was in fact a 14 year old boy.  His sister Jenna just 10 years old could talk the leg of an iron pot, and she entertained us with her stories.

All too soon it was time to leave and resume our homeward journey.  We spent the night at the same caravan park in Coonabarabran as we did on the way south. They rewarded our return patronage with a discount on the park fees!

Yesterday we arrived home to a very excited Georgie and Leah, they had both missed us. Leah was especially glad to have us home.  She had been taking Georgie to her place at night and Brooklynn was obsessed with her.  Georgie on the other hand is really an adults lap dog and struggled to appreciate Brooklynn’s devotion!! Needless to say the dog was a basket case spending most of her time cowering under Leah’s feet trying to avoid Brooklynn.

On our return I couldn’t get enough of Brooklynn, I had missed her and she has changed so much in the short time we’ve been away, it’s amazing!

Just a few days and our little girl will be two! Now that’s amazing!

So where was I……

P1050798 Finishing quilt tops! The border fabric was purchased on another family road trip several years ago!

P1050799 This quilt is also complete. The quilting on both of these quilts was finished a few weeks ago and the binding finally stitched down while I was away.  Not to difficult to stitch in questionable light!

P1050801 P1050800

I am now the proud owner of one of these delightful little needle cases, a gift from my friend Sue in New Zealand She surprised me with her package several weeks ago and I had been meaning to show a picture ever since. Thanks again Sue!

Now that I have exhausted myself and my readers I think it’s time to retire….of all the things I missed, I missed my bed to most!!

I’m off to get reacquainted with it right now!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Sue said...

You are very welcome Julie, but I'm sure you thanked me once before. Never mind I'll take it again.:-)
Fancy Brooklynn almost 2. It seemed like a year ago she was born. Looking forward to the next baby. Must be soon?

Tammy said...

You've been a busy girl with those gorgeous quilts!! Glad you had a good trip and arrived home safe and sound. Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration for Brooklnn, seems like just yesterday you posted that she was born. Hugs!!