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Friday, September 21, 2012

I’m on Holidays! Yippee!

I had an early mark for my two weeks holiday, I finished Wednesday, and I plan on enjoying every moment of them.  I started by getting up early (no sleep-in this time) and getting in an hour walk to put a spring in my step.

Here are the results of my last few craft projects.

P1050640 P1050641

This week at my PWC the lovely Marie took us through this card making project.  The one on the left was my first card, the one on the right was a kit I put together at home.  It was a fabulous evening, of fun and laughter.  Thanks again Marie!

P1050649 P1050650

These make-up/toiletry bags are made using the tutorial from Noodle Head from my last blog post.  A fat quarter of fabric made two matching bags. I have added the tab on the left to grasp when opening the pouch and an inner pocket on the larger bag.  The options are endless!

A recent purchase of an adjustable zipper foot was the catalyst for these pouches.  I have always thought that the zipper foot, standard issue for my Janome 6500p and my previous Janome for that matter were badly designed, and quite ineffectual when inserting zips, but didn’t realize there were generic options until I read this post from You Sew Girl. It was my light bulb moment in zip insertions I guess.

I immediately went to the site mentioned, Sew Much Easier Ebay site in the post and had a new zipper foot heading my way before I could say “I’ll use Pay pal for that, thank you very much!”

P1050644 P1050645

This is the original foot, see how much wider the back of the foot is in comparison to the seam allowance.

P1050647 P1050648 P1050646

The generic foot just makes sense, I have no idea why a wide backed zipper foot is ever a good idea??

P1050638 This quilt top was waiting for a finishing border and I completed that a few weekends ago.  The centre panel used the charm squares I bought on my trip to Hawaii earlier this year.

I have been sticking to my self imposed new project embargo, oh if ya don’t count the above mentioned pouches, but that was a necessity just to try out the new foot!  So don’t bother mentioning that in your comments please!!!LOL

P1050612 I have finished this baby quilt (that I forgot to photograph finished) for the birth of the granddaughter of my nail tech. It was a quickie, started and finished in just a week, including the machine quilting!  That set me on a mission to get a few more of my tops quilted, and I basted two in preparation.

P1050654 My feathers are coming along nicely, even if I say so myself!  The binding is on, but still requires the hand stitching before I can call it complete.

One down, and this one is on my machine bed right now, and I have decided on the design, so it should be finished very soon!


As it is spring, I can’t go without a few photo from our garden.  All work done by Greg, I just enjoy the results!

P1050651 P1050652

Both of these came to us from a client of Greg’s who wanted them dug out and disposed of, so they came to live in our garden….I think they like it here!

2012-09-01 P1050618

Recently my sister Wanda and I went to a High Tea fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research, it was a lovely morning and we had a fun time together.

 P1050613I treated myself to a new dress for the occasion, and for the occasion of reaching my goal weight! It was a great feeling, but it is now the real work begins, maintaining has always been my stumbling block! Wish me luck!

It’s time to get a start on that quilting, so good night for now! Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Cathy said...

Crickey you talk alot!! Great post though, lol!
Great projects, pretty flowers and you go girl... Looking good!! Congrats on reaching your goal!!
Ps,....gels or acrylics? I do gels...have black on at the moment... Love your arty ones.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for mentioning about the zipper foot Julie. Must investigate this for myself. Have a great holiday.

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

I love what you have been making. You are the queen of all things craft....and that zipper foot...what a beauty!

Linda said...

You look beautiful, Julie! I'm so happy and proud of you for reaching your goal weight. That's just wonderful. I know what you mean about maintaining. Why is sliding so easy? Your nails look divine! I have nail envy... and nails that break so easily that polish is a waste. Love your bags - so danged cute! - and your quilt tops, especially the pink one with the lime border. Such a great color combination. You're being productive and doing an admirable job of keeping your body and your quilting right on track. You go girl! Have a super two week break.