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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mount Alford Retreat 2012 part 2

Now that you have been introduced to the food we ate at the retreat, let me introduce you to the people who shared the weekend with me.

16 of us, in several cabins, some twin sharing and others on their own.  Each cabin has three rooms with ensuite facilities, these rooms are beautifully decked out with comfy innerspring mattress, luxurious bed linen, carpeted floors and  the all important bed lamp for late night reading.

There is a tiny kitchenette where breakfast is self service, cereal, toast, tea coffee and juice.  A combined dining room, lounge completes the ensemble.  I think I could live there, or at least holiday there for a few weeks!!!

P1050341 P1050342 P1050343 P1050344

1.Ann, Sue, Bev, Margaret, Maree & Gail.    2.Debbie   3.Cath & Margaret   4.Barb & Judy

P1050345 P1050347 P1050351 P1050352

1.Jeanette & Cindy    2. Sharon Margaret & Bev   3.Helen  4. Maree aka (The Reclining Budda)

P1050350 P1050349

It was a wonderful group of women, everyone fitted in so well and I look forward to sharing the weekend again with them all in 2013.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Luv 2 Sew Things said...

We ate and laughed, and ate and sewed up a storm, and ate and chatted, it was a really good weekend in a lovely location.I'd never eaten so much in 3 days lol. Great to be around lovely talented ladies. Roll on 2013!

Cath Ü said...

You forgot to name the last two pics....... was only thinking yesterday that I must put my post on my blog about the retreat as well.....Thanks Julie for your company.

Cath Ü

Sue said...

I wonder why I was patting Annie on the head. Who knows!! Had a fabulous time, and wonderful sleep over at your place topped off a great holiday. Thanks Julie!

Linda said...

I recognized you in a picture on Sue's blog, and recognize Sue in a picture on your blog! Now really... how can that be when we've never met, but you're both on the other side of the world? Isn't technology amazing? Love seeing how much fun you apparently had.