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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mount Alford retreat part 3–the stitching…..

Now to introduce you to the stitching that was enjoyed at Retreat this year.

P1050365 Pillow cases from the kits I purchased while in Hawaii. These pillow cases went together really easily and I would love to make more in the future, I first need to work out how to add the envelope pocket to the open end like the pillow cases I’m used to here in Australia.

P1050364 Not strictly stitching, although knitting does involve stitches! I knitted this little beauty while sitting in front of the fire on Saturday night, by then I was a little sleepy and knitting was the best I could manage.

P1050333 Nine covered coat hangers, knitted before retreat, but I did stitch them onto the hangers, it was my first project for the weekend.

P1050334 Finishing this face washer edging was just a warm up exercise for more physical pursuits……always important to warm up before getting right down to it!

P1050340 My version of the Charm Square bag made by many others at Retreat, it was easily put together, but watching the others “give birth” to their bags through the gap in the lining was interesting to say the least……. I think next time some may opt for the “C-section” method of placing bag and lining wrong sides together and binding the top in the hope of a quicker recovery time!!!LOL

I also managed to get the binding stitched to the Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt, but photographic evidence was not recorded, once the hand stitching’s done I show it off.

P1050363 There were many projects I was inspired by at Retreat none more so than this top/blouse made by Judy, using three Linen Tea Towels! amazingly beautiful work!

More of our work is displayed on Cath Walkers blog if you would like to visit, she also has a new design in the pipeline some of you may be interested in, so well worth the trip.

My holidays have now begun, so for the next two weeks I will be enjoying a sleep in and catching up with all those things that seem to elude me during the term.  I have also created a mini-retreat in my sewing room, meaning I have gathered a few special projects and plan on working on then to their completion……stay tuned for developments!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

All of you projects are fantastic. And it sounds like such a fun time. What, may I ask is an envelope pocket on a pillow case? I've never heard of this and would love to know what it is and what it's used for.

Linda said...

Love your finishes! So many of them! That bag is special... hmm, a special delivery? Glad to know you're on vacation now and will enjoy some sewing room time. We've moved into our new house now so you can guess what I'm doing. Yep. Lots of unpacking. But have made great progress in just three days. I'm already starting the sewing room organization and CANNOT wait to get my new Bernina out of the box! Happy sewing to you.

Anonymous said...

Love all your projects! I Stumbled upon your blog and had to let you know.