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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Halfway point on our holiday

Today was an easy start, we had a little sleep-in and did some washing.  Then it was time to eat again!

Denny’s was our restaurant of choice, no photographs of food today, I forgot!  I’m struggling to come to terms with the coffee here, it’s so sweet, our cappuccino was served with whipped cream on top today?

We are also surprised at the lack of fresh fruit and veggies, the salad that Pauline was served today was lettuce, cherry tomato, lettuce, red onion and then there was lettuce.  Being such a tropical place I guess we expected tropical food??

P1050062 P1050063

We treated ourselves to pedicures today as it was a rest day, Gail is waiting for a manicure.

P1050064 P1050065 P1050067

Here are my ‘lovely’ feet!

P1050070 All ready for the Luau tonight at Paradise Cove.

P1050071 P1050072 Mai Tai Cocktails.

P1050092 P1050091

While Pauline & Gail took a canoe ride, Wanda & I took photos of ourselves!

P1050076 P1050077P1050086 P1050088

Raining Flowers Ceremony


Hand painted temporary tattoo


Buffet Line

P1050094 P1050095P1050096 P1050098

The paradise cove dancers

I’m pleased to report we were at our pick up point when the bus arrived. No slip up’s this time.

Another day down,

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx

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