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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day four and another tour we missed…..almost!

No trouble with the wake up call and the clock radio, but our sense of direction sucks!  We woke with plenty of time, had breakfast, got ready and went to where we though our pick up would arrive.  Starbucks right there called us in….

P1050036 After coffee we went to the designated spot, only to see the pick up vehicle drive off into the sunset…..without us!  We had been waiting at the wrong corner.

Back to our hotel to call the tour company EO Wai’anae Tours , and they said “stay where you are we’ll come back for you!” and they did.

We had a fabulous day, swimming and snorkelling with Spinner dolphins (Nai’a) and turtles (Honu) The tour company people were so much fun.  I got a little sea sick but didn’t embarrass myself, thankfully.  I kept away from the food needless to say.

A Hula Lesson rounded off the day while we all laughed ourselves silly.

P1050044 P1050045P1050051 P1050046

We pulled into a calm bay to try paddle boarding and kayaking, all we did was laugh.  I managed to run aground, but I also managed to get myself back to the boat too, so I felt very proud of myself.

P1050041 P1050040


The scenery was magnificent, the blue  of the water and the green of the mountains made for a really delightful backdrop to a wonderful day.

We were delivered to our hotel and as we walked pass The Cheesecake Factory we decided that after showers and a rest stop we would go there for dinner tonight.

P1050052 P1050053

P1050057 P1050056P1050055 P1050054

Main course

P1050059 P1050060


……shared of course!

We had a leisurely stroll  after dinner before returning to our room for the night.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring,

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Anonymous said...

Looks as if you are having a great time! I am enjoying reading of your adventures. Cheers, Margaret (Sunnybank)

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Good food and half naked men. What a combination. That's what I call living it up girls!

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

The water looks AMAZING. Sorry to hear you got sea sick but I don't believe for a moment that you were put off your food, I've never known the Julie I know to turn down a feast :) Would love to see picks of your water antics. xx