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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another day in paradise.

Today was another relaxed start, we woke at 9am and strolled to Eggs ‘n Things for brunch.

P1050104 P1050099

The deal at Eggs ’n Things is to choose a meal… for your meal then be issued with a vibrating thingy so the wait staff can find you and give you your meal!  Simple and it works.  Except for when you have those people in front who insist on waiting until they get to the head of the line before they decide what to eat!!

Oh well, it takes all kinds!  The meal was wonderful, Wanda and I shared a 3 egg omelette and a 6 stack banana pancakes.

P1050100  P1050101

I managed to do justice to my share, as did the others.


We then walked back to our hotel where we caught a trolley to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre again…  I saw Redken Shampoo & Conditioner in a salon for a bargain price, and I wasn’t going home without it.

While passing through Nordstrom's we picked up some really cute watches called Slap Straps, you may have to see them to understand the concept.

We were all very thirsty and went into a juice bar to quench our thirst.


Wal-Mart got us yet again…….

We called into the Margarita Bar in our hotel for Happy Hour drinks. Obviously the Mai Tai’s I had been drinking previously were very mild in comparison, one was certainly enough for me this time!

P1050109 P1050107

It was soon time to get ready for our evenings entertainment Rock a Hula Legends.  A meal followed by a show, we thought the show would be on the stage but Gail managed to throw herself on the floor and split her lip and bruise her shin……not a happy camper.

P1050110 P1050113P1050112 P1050114 P1050116 A Blue Hawaiian Mai Tai, followed by dinner & dessert.

After being entertained by Elvis, Little Richard & Whitney Houston, Gail and Pauline went to have Gail's leg checked out while Wanda and I took a walk looking for a real coffee….only to end up back in our hotel room making coffee for ourselves!

So another day comes to a close.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Anonymous said...

Cindy W, Aus
Lovin the sound of your holiday, and the shopping trips.
Family have been to Fiji and said the same about the no fresh fruit and Veg, we just can't understand that from a tropical place.... go figure, but sounds like you are having yummy stuff anyway and glad you can share with Wanda.
Keep up the great work with sharing. xx

Anonymous said...

Great photo's, I still wish I was there shopping with you! How will you adjust back to dinner without a cocktail? Could it be a new tradition in your home on your return LOL

Sue said...

What a fabulous time you are having. Lovely to have your sister there as well.

Linda said...

You're having a blast, and I'm having a blast READING about what you're doing! It's quite interesting to see what "foreigners" think about American things... like Cheesecake Factory, coffee, shampoo(!) and Wal-Mart. You guys ARE a hoot, and are having a hooting-good time.