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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day three dawned……

Day three dawned for us, but we missed our alarm and slept through the pick up time for our Arizona & Missouri Trip to Pearl Harbour……fortunately we have been able to re-schedule for Friday.

We were all sleeping soundly when the phone rang telling us they were waiting for us downstairs, we frantically tried to get ready in record time, but unfortunately by the time we got to the pick up point they had left us behind!

So we decided to have breakfast at Jimmy Buffet’s instead.

It took a little while for us to sort out a plan for the day, but we managed to fill the day.

 P1050006 P1050005P1050007  P1050008

Lunch was an interesting all you can eat buffet. The girls tried their first local beer, Longboard. I stuck to what I knew Heinekens.

P1050017 P1050018 P1050019 P1050020 P1050021 P1050011

Our first look at Waikiki Beach.  The colour of the water is just beautiful.

P1050013 The Duke, father of longboard surfing in Hawaii.

P1050016 P1050010

Police cars right where you would expect to find them……outside the police station!

P1050022 We stumbled upon some local markets, and we had an enjoyable stroll through checking out their wares.

P1050023 The ‘don’t walk’ sign!

P1050024 P1050025 P1050026

The view from our balcony this evening.

P1050030 P1050027 

Blue Hawaii Cocktails

P1050029 P1050028

Mai Tai Cocktails


Our dinner tonight was at Dukes. Followed by a stroll through Macy’s and then back to our room to work out how to correctly set our alarm, and order a wake up call!

P1050032 P1050034

A beautiful fresh flower arrangement was in the lobby along with this framed Hawaiian Quilt.

The others are now relaxing in bed reading, after my blog update I’ll be joining them.

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Tammy said...

oh it looks so beautiful and relaxing and sunny and warm. Sounds like you all are having a fabulous time and the drinks look delicious. For sleeping to late to make your original plans you sure did recover nicely and find some fun things to do!!

Kali said...

Oh stop're giving me itchy feet! Looks fabulous Julie.

Anonymous said...

Cindy W Aus,
Sorry to hear that you missed your tour, but so glad you could re-schedule.
So Julie are you going to be converted to Hawaiin Quilting, that pic looks great, all the pics look great and you must have needed the sleep for you all to sleep through. xx

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Gosh, stress but a good outcome with being able to reschedule at least and you didn't waste the day in any way. All in all a great day in paradise. xx

Sue said...

Looks like my kinda holiday - food, drinks and sightseeing, with good friends!