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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day Two of our Hawaii Escape

Our included complimentary breakfast today was a little disappointing. there was a very sad looking set of what appeared to be small crumbed sausages, I left those on my plate, scrambled eggs and pancakes, those were quite tasty.

The coffee was lovely.  We sat at a table with 6 Canadian couples and I was able to pump them for information for when I visit Canada one day in the future.

We were given a very informative talk on the Hawaiian Islands and a list of suggestions on what we could choose to do.

We have opted to take a short flight to The Big Island to see the active volcano Kilauea, it’s a full day with a pick up time of 5.30am!!!  The flight takes about 20 minutes.

After the breakfast deal we hopped a bus to visit Maui Divers Jewellery to see their famous coral and pearl jewellery making operations.  Beautiful stuff, but you can see they must work on commission, ‘cause they hate to let you get away without making a purchase!

P1040994 P1040992

P1040996 P1040995 

Next stop was Hilo Hattie’s for all kinds of Hawaiian souvenirs.  Some stuff reasonably priced, others not so.

We had sandwich for lunch here and I had really lovely Coconut Latte, yum!

Then it was time to get on another trolley and do a little more shopping.

P1050003  P1040998P1040999 P1050001

We went to a place called Ross Dress for Less.  We found some really great bargained price shoes, clothing, perfume and jewellery.  Carrying it back to our hotel didn’t seem to deter us!

P1050004  Leah you would love this ice-cream!

Speaking of Ice-cream…..that’s what we had for dinner tonight!   Right now we’re back in our hotel, with a glass of Caramel Bailey’s over ice, watching the street life, just 4 floors up it’s a great spectacle!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Kali said...

What a fabulous holiday you are having Julie! And with so much description of all you are doing, I can cross Hawaii off my bucket list as I feel I've already been there.

Jan Quigley said...

Cool, I didn't realise I'd get to gp to Hawaii with you, I'll be enjoying each update. I hope you took empty suitcases to fill with all the goodies you'll buy. :-D

Linda said...

You all are a hoot to follow around. I've been to many of the places you've been! Hilo Hatties is where I bought some very practical flip-flops. So glad you've decided to go to the big island. We stayed there a week and it was my favorite place. Loved Volcano National Park. We drove out to where the road has been overrun by lava. And we took a plane ride too. Sounds like you are seeing - and maybe eating too - everything there is to enjoy and appreciate. Continue to have a grand time!

Sue said...

Home from my holiday to find you have left and are already into day 2! Its obvious you are having a fabulous time. Have you got an ipad to blog on?
Will keep checking your progress.LOL!

Tammy said...

Just catching up on your first and second days adventures. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Looking forward to reading more. Stay safe and have fun. Hugs!!