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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet weather again….still……!

Here it is almost the end of January, the first month of 2012 is just about done and dusted, and what do I have to show for the (almost) 31 days?

Well I’m back at work, but no excuses this year I only have 2 1/2 hours a day to take me away from more enjoyable pursuits remember!

I applied for time off for my Hawaii trip, apparently my leave can’t be approved until the boss checks with everyone else to see what plans they have?  I’m sure my 2 1/2 hours a day will really be a big deciding factor!!! Whatever!

On a brighter note, yesterday I found my stitching mojo!  It was really only hiding not actually lost!

Ta! Da!

P1040909 The two borders added makes this quilt number 8 needing to be quilted, and I have made a commitment to get them all quilted in 2012.  note to self: (I must make a side bar list and check them off as I go)

P1040911 Next was this Friendship Star block.  The focus fabric was handed out late last year for those wishing to take part in making a block for a charity quilt.  No instructions apart from the finished size, it will be handed in second Saturday in February at the next SCQ GTG.  It’ll be interesting to see what the others have come up with and how they’ll work together.

P1040912 P1040913 P1040915

This little pouch is from a pattern that had been sitting on my sewing table since late last year. I used the leftover strips from a jelly roll used in a quilt tops I put together in 2011.  It’s about the size of a pencil case and I’ve added a handmade scissor fob to the zip to give it some bling.  The fob was a gift from Kathryn, who gave everyone in our LPC one at our Christmas breakup last year.

P1040916 Another pouch, needing completion, I had been procrastinating when the binding didn’t look quite as it should, but after beginning to unpick I knew it was the right thing to do and the finished looks was so much better.

P1040922 This covered jar was another thing that wasn’t working for me, and it needed something to brighten it up.  The lace and label did the trick.

The jar is sitting on a table runner I have up to the quilting stage, I’d like to experiment with some machine quilting and used some scraps to put it together.  Stay tuned for the finished work.

Here is another on going project, I see this particular one taking years and years, if ever to complete.  It’s a work in progress that I never get tired of, and enjoy every moment I spend on it, I never seem to lose my mojo where it’s concerned…..

P1040904 Poppy has fashioned a cubby house using a few quilts and the highchair.  Brooklynn loves to put quilts over her head and hide.

P1040905  P1040906

How would anyone get tired of watching this darling little project blossom and grow?

It’s still raining but I do need to leave the house to find a new telephone, the battery has died and can’t be revived on the cordless phone, so must find my galoshes and rainy, rainy coat before I venture outside!

Thanks for visiting…..

Julie xxx


Sue said...

Join the BAD weather club. Its pretty horrible here as well, and whatever you are getting we are sure to get it later!
Dont ever give anyone at work your blog addy! haha!
As usual love all your projects and I can see I'M not the only one who unpicks!!
Lovely baby = isn't she growing fast.

Linda said...

It's good to see you're up to your usual tricks and not laying-about caught up with the wondering of what to do with yourself 6-1/2 hours a day. You have the right idea to spend it with Brooklynn... definitely a long term project.

Tammy said...

My goodness you've been a busy girl. Love all your projects, you have such a great eye for things!! And your granddaughter, oy vey she is so adorable. Hope your weather warms up so you can enjoy the summer. And the boss better give you time off - that's ridiculous to ask everyone in the office, if no one else is taking the time then it's a no brainer as I like to say. Hugs!!

Dwijayasblog said...

I like what you doing to the jar. Not just labelled it but you decorate it.