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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tupperware cupboard envy anyone?

I have a guilty secret, I suffer from Tupperware cupboard envy!  It’s a difficult affliction to live with!  I have so much Tupperware, I think I could be a demonstrator, oh and I love most of it too! BUT my cupboards have reached their capacity!

I am on a strict “no Tupperware diet” and have asked my husband to shoot me if I bring home one more piece of the stuff.

I have even sold my old Tupperware on EBay to make room for new Tupperware, it’s so close to being an investment I have seriously thought about stock piling it to re sell in my retirement!

Those vintage pieces are snapped up by collectors from all over the country.  Especially anyone looking for those colours from the early 80’s, Lime Green, Tangerine, Bright Yellow & Mission Brown (that are in my collection), because they are on the comeback for anyone decorating their kitchens in Retro Style.

A little early for my collection are the Soft Pastel/ Rainbow collection from the late 60’s & 70’s,  I remember in the cupboard of my mother, having said that I have to admit to one or two from that era, let’s face it, surely there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t have at least one piece of Tupperware in her cupboard that she doesn’t know how she came by!

Last night while visiting the home of a friend I got to see her Tupperware Cupboard…….several times during the evening, and mostly all over the floor as if continually fell out every time it was accessed.

It reminded me of the mess my own Tupperware cupboard was in and as she vowed to tidy it up in the morning, it spurred me on to tackle my own guilty secret.

P1040903  P1040901

With an unused dish drainer that was lurking under the kitchen sink, I organised the lids.  I sectioned off the different pieces depending on use, cooking, serving and storage.

Let’s hope this organisation rids our household of the constant removal of half the cupboards contents to find the right container, then throwing it all back in and quickly shutting the doors.

It’s not all I’ve been up to, so here’s the rest of my escapades.


A new bag…….being road tested by Brooklynn!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


aussiequilter said...

have you been peeking in my cupboards !! lol ! Good luck with staying organised---after as many years as you I still have a reaccuring nightmare of a cupboard. If they weren't so NEEDED I would get rid of the lot lol ! cheers teri

Linda said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as "vintage" Tupperware! I do believe I have a piece or two of it. I'll have to say though that the arrival of Gladware containers has changed the face of our kitchen storage system... for the better. Every container is in one of two sizes, so they all nest, neat and tidy. Lids are stored, nested, in a small rectangle basket. DH is in charge of the kitchen, so perhaps that's the reason it stays so organized! Enjoyed seeing your pictures of Brooklynn.

-girl from the bush said...

Hi Julie, yes i have tupperware too and i just inherited a big box from my mil after she died last year. It lives in the box it came in because there is no cupboard space...I think the best organizer thingy they ever designed is a 'lid hanger' , have you one of those? They screw on the wall and you push the lids on and pull them off rummaging in the other stuff! Like your idea. sue~n.z.

Tammy said...

I had no idea that tupperware had become vintage. I think my older pieces are to well used to be sold. I do love tupperware, but lately I've gotten a tad addicted to snap ware. You can never have enough storage pieces, right!! Your granddaughter is so adorable, she must put a huge smile one your face daily!!