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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bad News, Good news, Better News…..Great News!

Firstly, let me get the bad news out there……The airline I was booked on for my holiday to Hawaii went into voluntary receivership! 

The good news is that having 4 weeks before we travel gives us time to get the flights re-arranged, and our travel insurance should come to the rescue, due to the early payment of our flights.  Apparently an email went out sometime in November saying that travel insurance companies were no longer insuring insolvency for flights booked with this particular airline…..??

We are now booked on Hawaiian Airlines flying out three nights earlier, via Sydney, flying home  two days earlier.  The travel insurance claim is in and so far our extra cost will be the accommodation as we need an extra night.

So that’s the Bad News & Good News, the Better News is that as I had reached the point of no return at work and feeling I had nothing to lose I emailed my supervisor’s supervisors a letter of complaint.  I laid it all on the table and as they were visiting our unit the next day, my timing was perfect.

Not getting into the “I said she said” details, I now have the hours I wanted. I feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

That brings me to the Great News……I’ve started to find my stitching mojo again!  Between my work issues and Pinterest I had been doing lots of looking but very little doing….

I stitched a pair of wrap around pants from this tutorial I found trawling Pinterest,P1040944 P1040945 Seeing them from this angle I’m thinking Pyjama Pants?

While I was on a roll I started a Carpenters Star block also found on Pinterest.

P1040933  P1040946

These 18” blocks were simple to cut and piece, using the instructions from the tutorial. I have allocated a few more fat quarters to make at least four more blocks, so I guess there goes my thought I was done with making quilts???

P1040938 It’s been many years since I received a Valentines Day gift, and I was both surprised and thrilled to received this lovely pen from my ‘Bestie’ Sharon, she’s a darling and very thoughtful too! Thanks again Sharon.

P1040936 The latest project is a makeup bag from the You Can Sew Girl book by Nicole Mallalieu.  I bought the book at the Melbourne craft show I attended with Sharon in 2011, and this is the very first project from the book, and it won’t be the last.

P1040925 P1040926 P1040927 P1040929P1040930 P1040932

Here are the ‘neighbours’ coming to visit…..both lovely visitors I must say!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Linda said...

Whew! Glad to know your Hawaii trip was salvaged, and that you're not out any extra monies. Now you'll have an even more wonderful-er time, knowing you escaped a bad deal. Neat that you found a free pajama pants pattern. They're cute! But even cuter is the little girl behind the wheel of that wee car. She's a cutie-pie. You're so fortunate to have them all within "driving distance!"

Tammy said...

So glad you talked to those at work and go it straightened out. Work stress is the worst. Love those pants you made and the bag and the blocks - just lovely. I'm going to go look at the pants tutorial, sounds like fun. Sorry about the trip plans changing but so glad you are still going, hope you have a fabulous time and take lots of pic's to share. As always your grand daughter is just so adorable!!

Jan Quigley said...

Woohoo have fun in Hawaii!!!
I'm glad you got your work issues sorted, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet & speak up.
Love the pants, for me they'd be 'lazing round the house pants,' which is something I'm exceptionally good at, even if I say so myself. :-)
Good your sewing mojo is back, strange how it goes AWOL at times.

Sue said...

Wow! Lots been happening. Glad to hear your trip is going to turn out OK. I bet you're glad you did the Insurance thing!! Love the pants - they look real comfy. And work....well all's well that ends well. Missed you - glad you're back.
BTW LOVE the Carpenters Block.