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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Road test has been a success

Today I took my new bag for it’s first outing, and I must say the verdict is in, and my new bag is a triumph!

P1040879     P1040878      P1040880

Not only is it extremely comfortable, but very roomy, perfect for my necessities! Not once did I feel that sliding feeling, oh well if you don’t include the bra strap….but that’s a whole other issue!

I was able to access my purse when the time came to pay, getting out my reading glasses was a cinch, changing to my sun glasses a breeze.  When sitting at the coffee shop the bag say quietly and unobtrusively in my lap, fitting perfectly under the table so nothing was dropped on it either.

P1040885  P1040886 P1040887

This Sunglasses case was partially prepared back in November, (with guidance from Sharon)  it just needed the closing do-dad to complete it.  Sadly the ones I had were too big and it has taken until this week to get some smaller ones.  I’m pleased to say that my sunglasses still fit, even after the Christmas Break! Oh and the fabric contrasts nicely with my new bag!

Yesterday I did a little cooking, three banana’s lay mouldering in the fruit bowl, and it seemed such a waste to simply toss them in the bin.

P1040883 The icing was left over from custard kisses made before Christmas, and worked beautifully with the banana flavour. 

P1040884 Peanut Butter Blossoms now fill the biscuit jars. A new recipe, not sure where it came from but had been printed and filed in my recipe book.  A soft biscuit, flavoured with peanut butter, and a choc drop pressed into the top as soon as they come out of the oven. Very tasty!

It has been hot, hot, hot here for the last few days, Monday was 40.6deg C yesterday a little cooler at 37deg C, Today 37.4deg C we are so very fortunate to have air-con I’m not sure how I would survive without it.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a chilly 32deg C looking forward to that cool change!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Linda said...

So glad to know the bag passed muster. And the sunnies holder is great too. I've made them, but never with a closure. Loved seen the funny-colored banana bread. It made me smile. And those Peanut Blossom cookies? Well those are a Christmas tradition at our house. Goodness. Really? 40.6 C =105 F? I don't know how you stand it! You haven't said, but I hope you're enjoying not working as many hours.

Maree: said...

Great Job on the Bag Glad it passed with flying colours...

Tammy said...

I love your new purse and sunglasses case - very nice!! Your cake sounds delish and those peanut butter cookies have me drooling!! Yummo, I think I'd eat the jar if I was at your house!!
It's turned very cold here again, so your heat sounds rather nice. When it's summer I might not feel that way. Hugs!!

Sue said...

I'm disappointed you didn't model it for us! :-) Looks awesome. Just bought some fabric to make myself a bag.
Glad to see you are keeping up the tradition of the coffee shopping, and good to see you USING that wonderful new Kitchen Aid. My DIL has a red one. Must get myself one!!
Loving your chatty post.