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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve.

A restful few days have passed since my last post. By restful, I mean……well what do I mean, there is no rest for the wicked!!

My Christmas gift meant a tidy up of some kitchen cupboards were in order.  I needed to find cupboard space for the Slow Cooker and the Waffle Maker, I wanted to keep the Kitchen Aid on the bench right where I could see it and be reminded of what a fabulous husband I really have!!

The box that held the Kitchen Aid has been filled with items not used for many years, but still in perfect condition, so hopefully our local Op Shop will be able to use these items to fund their charity work.

Last night we had friends Sharon & Greg, over for dinner so a little cooking and a little cleaning was performed, nothing beats the motivation of guests!

Chicken Parcels for main course, chicken breasts spread with garlic butter, a sprinkle of cheese and wrapped in ham, before being encased in puff pastry. Side dishes of Potato Bake, carrots and peas.

P1040859  P1040860

Dessert a Mango and Passionfruit Pavlova. (Sorry about the blurry photo, but it’s hard to focus correctly while racing back to the table to eat!)

All washed down with a glass or two of wine. There was lots of lively conversation, many, many laughs, and all in all a good night was had by all!

Now for some photographs of our new pool fence.  You may remember when I posted about the removal and replacement of our outdoor entertainment area roof. It required the removal of the pool fence too as we were making the area larger.

Well up went the roof and that’s as far as things went.  Today I can report that the new fence is now up.

P1040853 P1040854

You will have to look closely because it’s glass and difficult to see.  The exact look we were aiming for to keep the clean lines, of you guessed it, no fence!

Once again Greg has showed his skills, he is a very talented husband I must say!

Today while I was going for my morning walk I planned in my head what I wanted to do today.  My decision was to complete the quilt top I have been working for several years… was a row by row that fell by the wayside.  I’ve now completed all the applique and it is time to put the rows together.

A very good start to my New Years Resolution Plan, finish a project a month (let’s not get carried away) every now and then, and delve into my stash of fabrics and patterns and have something to show for my reduced hours at work!!!

Stay tuned to see my completed top very soon…..ish!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx

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Tammy said...

Your dinner sounds and looks fantastic. Your outside pool area is just beautiful. I too have a very handy husband and like you I really appreciate his skills. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Hugs!!