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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day 2011

I survived! and I hope all those visiting my blog survived too.

A civilized start to the day, now that Jordan is almost 15 and Brooklynn too young to ‘know’ what Christmas & Santa actually means, not woken at the crack of dawn at last!


Christmas Day 2011


P1040838 P1040839

Brooklynn was the life of the gift opening action, even though she was more interested in the baubles on the tree than the gifts!

P1040841 P1040843P1040840 P1040847 P1040846

The rest of the morning passed quickly as we ate breakfast of waffles prepared in our new family gift, a waffle maker, egg whites whipped using my gift, a Kitchen Aid mixer.  My darling husband Greg has obviously listened to me all year gushing over the appliances just about every cooking show on the TV uses, and how the fabulous range of colours were ‘to die’ for. I now have my very own Tangerine Kitchen Aid!  I was very spoiled this year.


This gift did not come without expectations I can report, and no, it’s not what some of you may be thinking…… he is expecting some wonderful cooking to come from our kitchen in the very near future! Under pressure now!

381056_10150490723416670_556771669_8975350_1307077178_n 391950_10150490728616670_556771669_8975400_450840184_n 397717_10150490727946670_556771669_8975387_1799602984_n

This was later in the afternoon at my sister Wanda’s place where we had my family Christmas celebrations.  Brooklynn was, once again the entertainment for the day!

Today the shops begin “The Boxing Day Sales”, and while we didn’t venture away from the house, Leah & Corrie went looking for a Christmas tree and decorations at bargain prices, so Brooklynn stayed with us.

P1040850 Here she is relaxing with Poppy!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Di said...

Wonderful pics of what looks like a very happy day, Julie. My, Brooklynn is growing fast, isn't she. All the very best for 2012!

Maree: said...

Glad you had a Lovely could you not with that Gorgeous Little Girl hey..
All the Best for 2012 Julie..

Sue said...

Love the photos Jules. Looks like you had a lovely day. Thats what I want to buy - one of those Kitchen Aids. I bake alot and my Grandmother bought me a Sunbeam with 2 purex mixing bowls as a wedding gift in 1964, but the machine gave up the ghost about 15 years ago, and I have been using a cheap hand held beater ever since. BTW I still have the bowls! LOL
Have a great New Year.