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Sunday, January 01, 2012

1st Blog Post for 2012

Happy New Year to all visitors.

I had a very productive beginning to my 2012 by cleaning and tidying the two hall cupboards. This chore had been eating away at the edges of my mind for months.  So much so that I had been collecting empty photocopy paper boxes from work to use as storage for my various collections.

I have no before photos, I’m far too vain for that, but I am more than happy to share the after ones with no such qualms!

P1040862 Linen Cupboard




I’m feeling very righteous and keep stealing peeks whenever I pass, just to make myself feel good! Better than any drug I’ve ever taken!

P1040861  I mentioned in yesterdays post about putting the final touches onto a row x row quilt that had been left on the back burner for several years, well yesterday I put the rows together. Just the borders to go now.

P1040869  This tea towel seemed perfect for a ‘summer weight’ apron, so that’s exactly what it became.

Quilt Tops to be quilted My clean up has yielded a dirty little secret of mine……I have become a TOPPER!  I never thought I’d have to admit to this affliction, but it seems as if I have.  These 7 quilts will be joined by the row x row I’m working on now to make 8 quilts tops! Fortunately they aren’t all that old, probably less than 2 years, so I don’t feel as if the affliction is ingrained…..yet!

I think that 2012 will need to be the year I complete these soon to be 8 quilts before I make another top!

P1040867 Greg has a new project too!

This timber decking comes off the concrete that surrounds the pool/entertainment area.  It is to replace the original decking done several years ago.  It is looking great and I look forward to showing you all the end result.

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Di said...

I spotted it! That Candied Hexagon quilt definitely needs to be finished - and fast. Your followers want to see it, Julie :-)) I've been sorting and culling here too (New Year somehow gives ine the urge), but haven't made enough progress to share yet. We shall see....

Tammy said...

I'm so envious of your clean cupboards, I too need to do a few of mine that have gotten out of control. Love your new apron too, how cute. Your deck will be so beautiful when done and you will certainly enjoy it!! Hugs and Happy New year.

Al said...

Hello gorgeous friend.... I'm back!! (in blogland, anyway!) I have to say, your tidy shelves scare me... are you sure there aren't others bulging away and ready to burst forth in other parts of the house? You should be feeling very virtuous!
The row on row is brillant(as usual!) and I loook forward to the completion post.

Linda said...

Isn't it liberating to admit to being a topper! You have an admirable goal to see them quilted. You'll do it yourself, right? It looks like you have great opportunities to practice. Go for it! Love the new decking, by the way. I am jealous that you're married to a handyman.

Sue said...

At least you have toppers to show for all your work! I still have partially pieced quilts in boxes. I was thinking about one that I think I will try and finish soon, now that I have decided to get some professionally machine quilted. It might hurry me to finish them. Especially the BIG ones!
Love the pinny. Great idea!

Dianne said...

Nothing like a clean up to make you feel good - can you pass the bug onto me please? Love your row by row quilt, very pretty.