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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

It’s finally here… more shopping or preparing to be done, just sitting back and reaping the benefits of all the effort that goes into Christmas preparations.

Before I give myself a big head, ‘effort’ wasn’t really a feature of my Christmas preparation, more like chaos and panic. ‘Effort’, in my opinion would have been, beginning the preparations anytime before December 12th!

Alas this was not to be, so panic and hysteria seemed to wake me each day with the realization that I would be far less stressed if only I hade been just a little organized!

Today, 2pm Christmas eve I have all the gifts wrapped and under the tree.

P1040833 My middle sister Wanda is hosting our family Christmas Day this year, so fortunately I have had no food prep, it will be my turn again in 2012!

Right now I am listening to The Essential Michael Jackson - Man in the Middle, and singing at the top of my voice, because I just love this song!

The remainder of the afternoon will be spent giving the house a bit of a tidy up, and then I have the choice of doing a bit more on my stitchery.

Sew Laugh Love Sew Laugh Love by Leanne Beasley

or perhaps read, then again a Nanny Nap is also a possibility.

Oh but before I go I have a photo from our holiday that I have yet to blog and it can’t pass without some mention……

P1040829  P1040830

Jordan’s first legal catch, he has managed to catch a few smaller fish that had to be released but the largest is his catch, while other two smaller fish were caught by Greg.  Expertly filleted by Greg and cooked by me……taste was amazing, so fresh and  delicious!

Thanks for visiting,

Merry Christmas to you all!

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Merry Xmas Julie to You and Your Family..Especially Little Brooklynn..All the Best for 2012..
Enjoy your holidays...

aubirdwoman said...

Happy Christmas Julie. Have a lovely day, I will remind you to start early next year lol.

Linda said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Julie! I hope you have a wonderful and fun day with your family. And I wish you every blessing in 2012. I'm looking forward to following your interesting life and activities. A big hug.