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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday post #2

Yesterday we drove 14k’s south to Byron Bay.  There is probably no better know beach town in Australia, although perhaps Bondi Beach may be a little more well known, but Byron Bay has a reputation all of it’s own.

This is where the ‘beautiful people’ holiday along side the ‘alternate life style people’ a stranger combination I have yet to find.

Back packers accommodation and luxury living sit side by side.

P1040807 This is the scene just north of the patrolled section of the beach.  We had coffee and banana bread with this view.

P1040813     P1040824 

The lighthouse built in 1901, sits on the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. The weather was pretty close to perfect yesterday, although there was a shower of rain we could see out on the ocean, it didn’t reach the mainland while were were watching it.

P1040808 Not sure if this was a large dog or a small horse!

P1040811  P1040810

A hang-gliding platform sits on the hillside for those brave souls.

P1040823 P1040818

P1040821 P1040825 

We strolled around the town after finally snagging a car park, it is a very busy little town. Then enjoyed lunch in a sandwich shop while watching the passing parade of interesting people.

Meanwhile back in Brunswick Heads the main street had been cut off for the setting up of the “Christmas Markets” we enjoyed browsing the various stalls, sampling fudge, and chatting to the stall holders, all the while keeping an eye on the clouds beginning to build.

A quick stop at the pub for a cold beer and we returned to the van, managing to dodge the rain once again.  The evening ended with fireworks that we didn’t have to leave our van site to see.

Today I am alone with my stitching, my book and my laptop, Greg and Jordan have gone fishing. I was invited, but I pleaded “time alone deprived” and stayed behind.  Let’s hope they don’t catch anything…… I my be forced to cook something!!

Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Dianne said...

Byron is nice!! I know what you mean about the 'passing parade' it certainly is an eclectic mix of people. Sounds like you had a lovely day out and you are enjoying your break away. My turn next week!! Enjoy and relax.

Linda said...

Oh, what beautiful views! I can almost hear the ocean crashing below, and feel the wind on my face. It looks glorious! And to be wearing a short sleeved top in the middle of December? Bliss. As I write this I'm wearing long johns - top and bottom - a top, pants, and a flannel shirt. My feet are in heavy socks and knit slippers. I'd be wearing gloves too - my hands are that cold! - if it wasn't so ridiculous. You live in a beautiful place. Cherish it!

Tammy said...

Such gorgeous scenary. Sounds like a fun time and a great outting. Someday I really want to see your beautiful country!!