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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The week that was…..

Another busy week has ended.  I thought that as I got older life would begin to slow and I would have more time to indulge myself, alas I was misinformed! As I get older life just gets busier and busier!

This week I have had a little indulgence time with a visit to my hairdresser, and my nails done, always a pleasure to spend time and money on things that benefit no one but me!

I also have a little secret to share……I am busy getting all the documents together to apply for my passport!  So I guess that means my secret may have something to do with overseas travel you my have guessed?  Well you would be right!  Next year I am travelling with my sister to Hawaii!

In my excitement I posted off the request for my birth certificate forgetting to send the supporting identification documents! DOH! Although not totally silly, I have gently persuaded Greg to get his documents together for a passport too, I said it was just in case he needed to fly out and bail me out of jail or something?  He suggested he may have to come collect my body!  All in fun I’m sure!!!

I’ve had the application forms at home from quite a while ago, as I was determined 2011 was the year I would prepare myself for overseas travel, oh and getting that dreaded passport photo taken before I get any older and uglier!

Seems I will have completed my resolution without much time to spare.

I have some stitching finishes to share……

P1040763  P1040764

I’ve ‘blinged’ this stitchery wall hanging.  At the Quilt & Craft Show last weekend I found some self adhesive diamantes in just the right size.

P1040765  P1040767

This little pouch/pocket comes from this site. shared with me by Kathryn, she knows what I like!  I used my scrap basket to piece the purse, it was quick and simple with very easy instructions.

P1040768  P1040769

The buttons have joined the cardigan!

P1040770  P1040772

Completed covered coat hanger.                         Card Classes, don’t be fooled by their simple elegance…….. using glitter and glue is just not my thing!  I made such a mess, and I was covered in glitter.  The glitter on the gift card looks like sea slugs apparently!

Brooklynn is visiting today and while I was away having a blood test (the kind you have after fasting) and buying dog food, Greg told her his life story and this was the result!

P1040773  P1040774

Look at the smile on his face…….. She is beginning to toddle around although when she wants to get somewhere in a hurry it’s back onto her knees.

Yesterday I went with Leah for Brooklynn’s swimming lesson.

319519_2265078820477_1053690858_2504088_1678234628_n  300651_2262720841529_1053690858_2502413_821726366_n

She is beginning to enjoy the experience, although the whole getting out and getting dressed is a little difficult for Leah to accomplish without tears, so I was the official baby holder while Leah got dry and dressed.

That’s about it apart from the usual mundane household chores.  Thanks for visiting.

Julie xxx


Linda said...

My, but haven't you been the busy spinning top! Your finishes are wonderful, and I'm especially taken with the ballerina embroidery. The blingies you added are the perfect adornment.

What!? Hawaii? And how much more effort would it take to come to the mainland? I know a place you could stay in the midwest.

So sorry to know Brooklynn dozed off during Grampa's story. I bet he might remember where he left off and can pick up another time. Brooklynn is looking cute and very happy in the water.

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your plans to travel and require a passport. I so hate flying that the thought of a long flight keeps me from it. I hope you enjoy Hawaii, it should be a wonderful time. Love the stitchery - you do beautiful work with all your crafts. You're a woman of many talents for sure. And your grand daughter is so beautiful and oh my is she growing.

Anonymous said...

Trust me on this Julie, the older you get the busier you get. Up to 4 grandchildren now and thankful I only work 3 days a week, may have to cut it down to 2! A trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful, bet you are looking forward to it. xxxMargaret

Anonymous said...

Cindy W.
Love reading your posts Julie, but LOOK what you acheive and still be a Wife, Mum and Nana.
Congrats on starting process for Passport.
Love seeing ALL that you create. :o)

Leah said...

Is it me who has tears after swimming, or Brooklynn?? :)

Ramona said...

All your posts are wonderful, that little grandy of yours is just getting more and more cute.
Wow, travelling, a new adventure in your life, cafeful of the bug, it bites!! As for the passpport photos, I take them at work (PO) and we 'guarantee' they will be nothing less than a mug-shot!! lol
I figure that's what one will look like after sitting on a plane for 20 hours