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Friday, October 21, 2011

Third week of term is over…..

Only 7 more to go!!!

It’s been a busy few weeks, not sure what I’ve been doing, but it hasn’t been blogging it would seem.

I need to check my photos to see what I have to show for my time.P1040680 There has been lots of visits from this little girl.

P1040694  P1040711P1040718  P1040729

There was a week long celebration of Brooklynn’s 1st Birthday.

P1040701  P1040703P1040707  P1040698  P1040688

We think she gets more beautiful every day!

P1040730 P1040732

Here she is getting some birthday advice from her GG, my mum!

P1040733 P1040734 



Happy Birthday Brooklynn!

P1040750  P1040751 P1040753

On the working front, I have the rest of this term full time and then things should go back to normal, that means back to part time hours and a later start, no more getting up 3.30am! now that is something I am really looking forward to!

On the stitching front…….not a lot to show really!  I did find a small bundle of fabric that was destined for the bin, but for some reason it didn’t make it and turned into this instead….

P1040761  It’s a tiny placemat and it fits perfectly on top of my lap top when closed! I feel as if my stash has a mind of it’s own lately, projects I begin take on their own personality. I had no idea what these fabric scraps would turn into when I began cutting them and then stitching them together, while it is very ordinary (as in not work of art) it was interesting to see where it took me.

P1040758 Cardigan for Brooklynn.  I remember beginning to knit this while Leah was in labour! Not knowing if she was going to be a she, I was taking a big risk! I still have buttons to stitch onto it, but I have them and that’s the important part, isn’t it?

P1040759  P1040760

My final finish is a 4 ring binder cover made using a charm square pack, for my friend Jodie.  She is my card class buddy and recently got organised and has a binder with all her punches and stamps sampled so she doesn’t double up in her frenzy of supply purchasing!  Card classes were postponed last week, which was very fortunate for me, because I hadn’t finished the cover!

Now that’s about it from me, except to say I am off the the Craft & Quilt Fair tomorrow at the Brisbane Convention Centre, meeting my dear friend Sharon, so looking forward to that!  I had a nap this afternoon in preparation!

Thanks for visiting!

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Lovely Post Julie..Brooklynn looked like she Enjoyed her 1st Birthday...
Sounds like things are full on at the moment...hope you can make our Blog Meet...

Dianne said...

Julie, I like your binder cover. I am sure the recipient will love it. Happy birthday to Brooklynn. Have to agree, she is getting more beautiful!!