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Saturday, October 08, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

I’m back at work, and I have a head cold! How fair is that?  On the upside, it was a nice week to return to work, stress free so far! It is early days however, I keep repeating to myself “Relax, don’t stress, take things as they come!”

Let’s see how the remainder of the term progresses.

As I said a head cold, so not feeling my best, by Thursday all I could do was take to me bed after work.  Yesterday I slept for about 5 hours then went back to be and did another 6 and a half.  This morning I am feeling so much better.


On Monday my dear friend Sharon and her daughter Mikaela called in for a visit, I had to choose between vacuuming the floor and making something for afternoon tea…..needless to say the floor remains crumb and fluff infested!

I made the Caramel Tarts from the 100 Years of Baking Memories cook book, using Butternut Snap Biscuits for the base. They were still a little warm when we ate them, but very yummy.

P1040676 P1040677


This week at my LPC meeting I was on supper duty.  I made the Cup Cakes from the 100 years of Baking Memories Cook book and the Coconut Ice.  I also had a store bought Dip to compliment the sweet treats.  While I managed to remember the biscuits and a serving plate the dip was safely at home in the refrigerator!

Using butter cream icing coloured mauve and a piping bag I piped the icing on the cakes. The Coconut Ice was very nearly all gone before I remembered to photograph it, all reviews were positive.


Here is our almost one year old baby girl wearing her first pig tail! Leah has been busily preparing all week for Brooklynn’s birthday party today, but the weather has turned bad, with storms and heavy rain, oh and the venue was a park nearby, so she is here right now stressing and trying to come up with an alternative venue, and let all the guests know before start time at 10 am.

So that’s all my news for now, let’s hope all Leah’s hard work is not for nothing.

Julie xxx

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Dianne said...

The food looks yummy and Brooklynn looks super cute with her tiny pony tail. Hope the cold doesn't linger too long.