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Thursday, September 22, 2011

We’re back!

Just a quickie holiday away from home. It was a lovely break but I’m pleased to be back in my own bed. The cabin bed was v-e-r-y hard, my old hips ache just thinking about that bed!

P1040556 P1040557

We called in to Kingscliff on our return journey.  The beach erosion is every bit as bad as the news reports tell us.  The beach is closed and the caravan park is being squeezed back towards the road.

I just hope it is not permanent.

Another stop was for a Chocolate fix at Pacific Fair

P1040566  2011-09-22

Jordan chose dark hot chocolate, Greg, milk hot chocolate and mine was white hot chocolate. YUMMY!  P1040561 

Jordan chose a Mousse Mouse and a Chocolate Sea Shell. I’d love to show you what Greg and I chose but they were gobbled up before I remembered my camera!

Card classes last week saw us making more Christmas themed cards

P1040572  P1040571

This colour isn’t something I ever thought would be a Christmas colour, but it seems to work really well.

P1040569  P1040570

My cup cake stitcheries are now complete. I put the very last few stitches in it last night. Now to see what they want to become?

P1040568 This little piece of equipment is new to my sewing room, I saw a project in the most recent Vignette Magazine #4 and I have plans that require a staple gun…. stay tuned!

This afternoon I “borrowed” Brooklynn and her pram and we went for a walk, I am in need of some serious exercise, and the weather is so perfect I thought it best we seize the moment.  Clearly my company was exceptional, she was asleep before we left the street!

An hour later we were back and I felt energized! Not so much now, but I know it’s good for me and I will try to keep it up while the weather is so great.

Thanks for visiting….

Julie xxx

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Linda said...

It's good to hear you had a nice getaway too, concrete mattress or not. I love, love, love those cupcakes and can't wait to see how you sew them up! Something sweet for Brooklynn perhaps? Isn't it funny that we buy tools? I'll be looking forward to seeing that one too! Thanks for sharing.