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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Road Trip to IKEA

Friday was our much anticipated visit to IKEA.  Leah and I L-O-V-E IKEA. So it would seem, does Brooklynn!

P1040574 P1040576

When we arrived we were surprised to see very few other cars, that meant we had the choice of all the best parks, choosing a ‘Parents with Children’ spot to be close to the entrance.

It was just before 9am, the place doesn’t open until TEN! (Explains the car park) That’s ok we managed to find other shops open to fill in the time. A kitchen shop, another of our favourites where we drooled over a RED KitchenAid mixer……. maybe…. when we win the lottery!

It was a lovely day, Brooklynn slept most of the morning while being pushed around in the pram. When it was time to pay for our booty she happily chatted to herself and anyone who looked her way.  After stashing our loot in the car we returned for a late lunch.

On the drive home she went back to sleep, and slept on as we unloaded the car and had a cuppa while we rehashed our day……

Needless to say this Nanny was exhausted by the evening, at 8.30pm I was tucked up in bed, pretending to read for a few minutes before falling into a deep, deep sleep not waking until after 8am the next morning!

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