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Monday, September 19, 2011

Another day in paradise…..

Today was a little too windy to do our planned activity, that is to hire a ‘tinny’ and putt out on the Richmond River, to sacrifice some bait.

Instead we went for a drive to Alstonville and a visit to the Maze.  First it was time for morning tea.

P1040542 P1040543P1040544 P1040545

It’s called a Lattice Maze, apparently it is a much simpler method of maze making. The pruning is easier, the maintenance is easier and the time it takes to grow the maze is faster.  If you are interested the story is on their website.

P1040546 P1040547

This lovely Alpaca sweet talked us on our exit from the maze, interesting eyes too.

P1040548 P1040550

After a drive through the tiny township if Alstonville, we turned south towards Woodburn, where we had lunch at the pub and rummaged through the Op Shop looking for a bargain.  Op Shop Shopping or Thrifting seems to be making a big come back.  I remember doing it as a teenager with my sisters, it was fun and with very little pocket money a bargain was always our goal.

Today Jordan and I rummaged together. I found a couple of pairs of pants and a wash cloth, Jordan spied a waist coat.

2011-09-19 The wash cloth was the princely sum of $1. The denim shorts $3 the striped Capri pants $4 and the waist coat another $4. Not sure if the striped pants will fit, because now that I’ve had a close look at the tag they aren’t my size.  Must remember to wear my glasses when next I Op-Shop! Not to worry I can send them to the Op-shop on my next donation run and try again!

The afternoon quickly passed and while Greg and Jordan set out for a little more fishing, I did a some stitching.  It was another lovely day.


This was our sun set today.

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Julie xxx

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