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Sunday, September 25, 2011

100 Years of Sweet Baking Memories


P1040586 This recipe book was a freebie with three Nestle purchases from the banking range in Woolworths Supermarkets recently.  My plan it to bake them all! This book has all the oldies but goodies, and who doesn’t love a recipe that has Condensed Milk as one of it’s ingredients?

Yesterday I made two of the recipes.

Marshmallow Slice


It worked perfectly and tastes delicious!

White chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

2011-09-26 biscuits

I needed to add almost another cup of plain flour as the mixture was very wet, not sure if it was because I creamed the butter and brown sugar using my electric mixer or if it would have been wet regardless. First batch looked good, although I heaped up the mix in subsequent batches, once I saw they wouldn’t spread too much.  Nothing worse then cookies that turn into slices!!!

These are delicious too, the sweetness of the white chocolate balances beautifully with the tang of the cranberries….!

Now to eat a morsel of each while I drink a cup of peppermint tea!  BLISS!

Thanks for visiting,

Julie xxx


Julie said...

I also purchased 3 Nestle products, only to be told that they had no books left, very disappointed.

Di said...

Now you're making me hungry, Julie :-)) I think I might need to rummage in the cupboard for a tin of condensed milk. Delicious looking cookies!

Linda said...

How cruel! You didn't offer us a slice or a biscuit. And worse, you didn't share the recipes! Now I have to go bake something of my own, probably not nearly as delicious as your goodies. Peanut butter cookies, I think.

Anonymous said...

Maxine said...

I would like to know if anyone can help out by telling me if they are near a woolworths that may still have any of these recipes books left.

mandy brown said...

i was wondering if anyone out there would be prepared to post this cook book out to me so i can photocopy the book you cant get this book anywhere i have exhausted every avenue possible they have all gone please can someone help me. i will post the book when i have photocopied it.

Basil said...

Nestle's website says "Due to overwhelming popular demand, our stock of our “100 Years of Sweet Memories” recipe book has been exhausted. We apologise for any disappointment that this has caused you."

If anyone comes up with a way to get a copy of this book (even scanned if necessary) please email me at whosbasil(at)
My wife wants it, and I'd love to be able to surprise her with recipes from it!