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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Feeling much better…….

Bet you didn’t even know I’d been unwell. 

I’ve been in a bit of a dark hole recently, not really unwell but definitely not myself. Maybe it is the premenopausal blues or just sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

Whatever it was, it’s gone, and I am back!

Collages    P1040491

A little on line shopping certainly helped in my recovery!  Some felt, threads and linen for stitcheries from The Raspberry Rabbits.  I have to say the service and attention to detail with my order was spectacular!  I highly recommend them so go and check out the site and see if they have something that grabs your interest.

The Book Depository was the scene of my next purchase.  This Tilda’s Studio is a really beautiful book.  Even if I never make anything from it, I think it is a book I will always love to browse for inspiration.

P1040476  P1040479

Some rainy weekend days may have added to my ‘funk’ but we didn’t let it keep us at home and a leisurely drive in the country for Greg and I was a nice way to keep ourselves busy.  We checked out some Antique Shops and although nothing was purchased, it was interesting browsing and exploring their wares.

P1040480  This down pipe outside the Antique Shop in Crows Nest has seen better days!

P1040471  P1040472

I have managed a few ‘finishes’ this round robin came together nicely and I enjoyed the machine quilting too.  To the girls who were a part of this project, thank you for your really lovely work.  It’s not always the case in swaps, so I am thrilled to say the least.


This little table topper began life as a very small stitchery, then I thought it may work as a bottle cover, but it just wouldn't play nicely and kept growing……so here we have a table topper!!


These cup cake stitcheries are destined to become Bottle Covers….let’s hope they are of the same mind!

P1040460   2011-08-30

Corrie had a birthday, so a chocolate cake was in order…..this one did include the eggs!


Card classes brought out the paper creativity once again. I do really like the back ground stamp on the left hand card.

P1040488    P1040487

This mess yielded the little purple cutie on the right!  I call in a no pencil no pin doll.  I chose fabric by size from the purple scrap box, cut the shape using my pinking shears, and this is how it looked in the end!  Brooklynn was the recipient.

P1040482  P1040483

Fathers Day last weekend, saw us spending the day with our darling granddaughter, oh and of course our lovely children…..they are obviously not as photogenic it would seem.

P1040490 Afternoon tea at Leah & Corrie’s place and another chocolate cake was in order.  This one was divine…..although too rich for a large slab for me.

Leah and Corrie have bought their first home, and as luck would have it, it is directly across the road from our place!  I just love having them so close. Here was a girl breaking her neck to move out of home and show she was ready to take care of herself, and now if she got any closer she would be back in her old bedroom!

P1040492  P1040497 

Here is the darling girl, looks like she’s walking, but no, just practicing!

Thanks for visiting!

Julie xxx


Maree: said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Julie...Glad that you are on the mend...
won't be long and Brooklyn will be pushing her little cart...
Great News that the Kids are so close...will be handy for Babysitting..LOL
Take Care

Contented Caroline said...

They are all super lovely - so sorry to hear thay have have been unwell but glad you're back and keeping busy with all your makes. Best wishes.

Linda said...

It's great seeing all your pictures - projects and people! My favorites! I especially like your round robin stitchery quilt. It turned out really nice. I'm sorry to hear of your funk. It certainly could be hormonal. Recently, I had heart palpitations that, after four weeks, started worrying me. Went to the doc for various tests and learned I have hypothyroidism. Symptoms are weight gain (didn't have that, thank goodness), fatigue (none of that either), depression (didn't know I wasn't feeling my usual "brightness"), and erratic heartbeat. I'm feeling so much better thanks to a teensy pink pill called Levothyroxin. If you start feeling "funky" again, head to the doc! You never know... It's good to see Brooklynn. Our little bub is practicing walking too. Take care of yourself.

Dianne said...

How lovely for you to have your family so close. Brooklynn looks really cute with the chockie lips! Looks like you are back on track with the sewing etc now. Good to see.

Sue said...

I knew didn't I ??? I bet it is menopausal. Went through a similar thing myself.Love all the photos and your swap is lovely.
Take care - I'll see you next year.LOL!