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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brooklynn came to visit today….

It was like being a mother all over again…..she is teething and has a blocked up yet runny nose….so she wasn't a happy camper.
So for the duration of her stay I had to carry her around and try to shove in a bit of food followed by some milk, between sobs!…..and they were coming from me!!!
When her mother returned she perked up and happily played with Jordan while Leah and I enjoyed a hot cuppa… calm our my frazzled nerves!!!
I had planned on a nice nanny nap this afternoon but I guess there is no rest for the wicked!
Two weeks holidays begin Friday arvo, and while I promise I’m not counting the day, I may be counting the minutes….. We have no firm plans, we’ve discussed going away, even for a few days, but as yet no decision has been made, I would be just as happy to potter around at home, catching up on all the things that I have let slide over the last 10 weeks…. beginning with the dust!  May require a chisel if it gets any thicker!
My recent  internet shopping bootie has by now all arrived and I have a few more items to show, these are the very reasons I’d be happy at home for the two glorious weeks I am off work!
P1040520  P1040521  P1040515
I may just knit a sock, or perhaps begin a new embroidery project, then again these fabrics and buttons from The Fat Quarter Shop may find their way into a new project perhaps.
Then again I have already begun a new project….I have actually unfurled a jelly roll…..and begun to stitch, cut and re stitch….it’s only taken several years to be able to do it!
P1040516  P1040517 P1040518
The pattern is from The Moda Bake Shop and is called Eli’s Wheels. I have been working a little on it each day and expect to have the required blocks completed before I even break a sweat.
On Saturday just past I met my friend Sharon for breakfast, then we joined another group of stitchers for our monthly GTG at The Quilters Store at Salisbury.  I almost got out of there unscathed, until I spied this darling wine carrier/lunch bag by Atkinson Designs.  I said I was going home to make it up that night, but I waited until the light of day to begin.
P1040511  P1040513
The vinyl coated fabric came from my trip to Melbourne earlier in the year, and the red zip was from a bulk zip purchase some time or other.  So I consider this a stash project…..if not for the pattern!  I think it will make a fabulous makeup/toiletries bag too.
That’s about it from me tonight, just about time for bed…..I’m worn out…..I remember now why motherhood is for the young!!
Thanks for visiting,
Julie xxx

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Sue said...

Lovely to see your are back to your 'ole self and happily stitching. Just watch that darling baby's runny nose - very catchy to Gma's who love to cuddle!!
Can't believe how quickly you make things.
Love ALL the projects and I wish it was me having breakkie before the GTG.