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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It’s raining here today.

I woke this morning to rain, it’s been some time since rain this heavy has fallen and it was a welcome sound.


Yesterday we were looking after Brooklynn while her mummy and daddy went to a wedding. Greg and Jordan had a lovely time playing with her, while I had a lovely time watching on while stitching.

She is 10 1/2 months and food is becoming very interesting to her. She makes these funny oohing sounds whenever someone is eating and if able goes right over to investigate.  Here she is with a potato chip from Greg’s hand.

Brooklynn really loves our dog Georgie, and Georgie is beginning to give her a small fabric ball and expecting her to throw it, they mostly play a gentle tug of war at the moment however. I’ll keep away from baby toys in the future and head for the pet toy isle!

I had taken her for a walk in the garden and she has a purple daisy behind her ear as a memento of the adventure.  She was particularly interested in a bottle brush blossom although keeping it out of her mouth was a task in itself!

P1040444 P1040450 P1040453 P1040452

After my last post I was feeling a bit nostalgic and found some photos from when the kids were much younger.  This one is from a family trip to central/western New South Wales somewhere, I have a vague recollection of it being the site of Banjo Patterson’s place of birth?? But unfortunately it is a little hazy, my memory not the photograph!

Leah & Jordan with Mummy P1040430

The birthday cake looked spectacular but unfortunately wasn’t really up to scratch, it was quite dry and I was very disappointed.  I’ve been cooking this particular chocolate cake recipe for years and since having a fan forced oven have had no real success.  The next day I realized I had also forgotten to add the eggs, that would account for some of the dryness perhaps, but I have vowed to keep trying until I get it right……firstly by not using the fan for the next effort! Oh and remembering to add the eggs I guess!

P1040437 P1040438 P1040440  P1040442  P1040439 P1040435    P1040443 P1040441 

Vision Patchwork Night Group Show & Tell for 17th Aug 2011

P1040457 Card Projects 11th Aug 2011


This template is a recent purchase with which to successfully tie bows. For some ribbons it is fairly easy to do without a template but for cards and scrap booking tiny ones are often required, so this template for a tool lover like me was a must! As you can see I have successfully tied some very small bows and therefore feel the $12 price tag which included postage was a steal!

That’s more than enough from me, thanks for visiting!

Julie xxx


Crafty Pleasures said...

Bow Maker - Amazing how they come up with all the gadgets to help us be perfect. Someone is very clever to even think and design the
'Bow Maker'
Annie S

Linda said...

Cute baby, as always. It's evident you are enjoying her. I liked the family picture too. Nice card-making. What do you do with all of them!? And the bows... well those will come in handy lots of places. Hmm, Brooklynn's hair, perhaps? I know! Hot-glued to your toenails!

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Brooklynn is adorable. Love the cards, you must have quite a stash on hand for all sorts of occasions! And the bow maker - what an excellent idea. Enjoy!

Sue said...

Glad to hear from you. Lovely baby photos and card making projects.
Sad about the fire in Brisbane.

Sue said...

Hey Jules
What are you up to. Haven't heard from you for awhile.:-)