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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carnival of Flowers time…..

Yesterday we visited Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, just an hours drive from home.  It’s a place we like to visit regularly.  It is usually a little cooler than at home, and yesterday was no exception.  In the sun it was perfect, but once the sun disappeared behind a cloud or we walked into the shade, it was a little chilly!

We had a wonderful day.


An early lunch was our first priority!


Brooklynn munched on all kinds of ‘interesting’ food.  This snow pea sprout kept us all entertained.


There were flowers of course…. These in Queens Park.


Family shots…..


It was late afternoon and time to head home.

Until next time…….

Julie xxx


Sue said...

What a lovely family day out. I love the look of the recipe book you 'found'and the baking looks yummy!

Luv 2 Sew Things said...

Looks like a wonderful day out full of Fun, Family & Food - my kind of fun to. Thanks for sharing.

Al said...

Your posts are such great therapy!

You are obvously enjoying your holidays, it's great to see you are so helpful to your neighbours :-)

Keep up the great work..I'd better get off my tail and do something also!