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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I’ve been recovering all week.

As you probably remember from my last blog post I was fighting a summer cold, well this weeks it seems to have run it’s course and I’m finally on the mend.

Monday this week we had a storm warning, threatening hail and strong winds. Fortunately for our part of the world it was mostly dark skies, heavy rain, thunder and lightening.  The sky put on quite a display while it was all brewing however.

P1030700  P1030703

P1030701  P1030702

Georgie is terrified of storms and follows me around pleading with me to sit down and hold her. I find this strange as she usually prefers Greg’s company?

At work this week we had a staff photo shoot.  The department is creating a new web site for our section, I offered to bring in my little Panasonic DMC-TZ1 and take the shot.


This is the majority of our morning staff, and very cooperative they all were, it took one go to get this very acceptable shot! Then it was all systems go for the morning rush.


My only contributions to stitching this week is the finishing touches to this Round Robin I joined at the end of 2010. While I enjoyed meeting the other participants and the stitching itself, I am glad it’s finished so I get get on with my other projects.  I get caught up in these swaps and don’t consider how it’s going to impact on my other projects.  I don’t think I’ll be signing up for any other of these kinds of projects in 2011.


Now I’m feeling much better, I think I will take the opportunity to do some more stitching and have another project for show and tell soon.


Thanks for visiting.

Julie XX


Ha Ha…..tricked ya! here she is…………..

 183478_1733333287171_1053690858_1878425_5901667_n   185990_10150122677627249_522632248_6543804_2296641_n

Here she is just after her bath with mummy and then asleep after my niece Sharna told her all about her love life!!! This photo showed me just how much she’s grown.

I;m really signing off now!

byeeeee Jx


Jan Quigley said...

Glad you're finally feeling better Julie!!! It did look like a good storm brewing, it's nice when it's simply that.
I know what you mean about getting Stitching Round the Block finished. I had rechristened it but won't go there, lol. I finished last night, YAY, so it will be in the post for you on Monday. I hope you like it. Yes I feel the same way, so many things I can get stuck into now but having said that it did motivate me & make me even more excited about my new projects. I'm currently sitching a crinoline lady & she's looking very pretty. Next I will be tracing off some blocks to start Tis the Season on March 1st.

blessed speedy said...

you almost scared me then without some brooklyn photos!
and glad you are now well - now you can be productive

Linda said...

Oh I'm glad to hear that cold is gone. They're dreadful in the summertime, aren't they? Loved seeing your round robin finish. It's really very nice. And you've expressed my sentiments about these things... I get caught up in the IDEA of a swap or round robin and don't think at all about the "my sewing time" that I have to give up. Thanks for this reminder ...though your piece is pretty. SHE is adorable and looks like she keeps you busy giving her frequent cuddles and kisses.

Cath Ü said...

Julie I am with you on swaps... I used to get carried away and go in them all... now I hardly ever do... I haven't enough hours in the day now to do everything that I have too... LOL

There are quite a lot of staff where you work too... nice pic...

Cath Ü