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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

What is it with having a summer cold? This one seems to have hung on for weeks. I finally gave in and went to my GP, with antibiotics prescribed, I though that in about 3 days I would be feeling much better…..nuh-a! I’m still coughing and feeling terrible.

Now that the weekend has arrived I am doing nothing but sleep, what a waste of a perfectly good weekend!

Oh well perhaps I will feel better by Monday, just in time to go back to work!

It was my patchwork club week and a very fun filled evening we had, lots of laughter and some great show and tell. I must remember to take my camera to future meetings because I’m sure that you would be as enthused by what they have to show as I am.

Card classes this week


My indulgence for this week was to have a long overdue hair cut, the humidity has been playing havoc with my very thick hair and I was feeling terrible as it was. Thankfully my long suffering hairdresser didn’t do what I asked her to do….that is a two blade buzz cut! Thankfully she knew exactly what I needed.

P1030699 I feel a little better with my new do, now I just have to find the energy to put on a little makeup to give the old dial a much needed lift!!

180513_10150120432062249_522632248_6522493_249212_n 182754_10150117036412249_522632248_6475307_4689840_n

No post is complete without our darling Brooklynn making a photographic appearance.

Thanks for visiting my sick bay, hope my next post sees me saying how wonderful I’m feeling!

Bye for now.

Julie xx


Joy said...

Awww Julie you poor thing!! I hope you're feeling better soon, summer colds are no fun at all :o/.
Joy :o)

Sue said...

Love the new 'do' Better get ourself better my girl, I don't want to catch it off you!!
Darling baby - isn't she lovely.
No blog would be complete without the word 'lovely'haha
Must away and make my Civicl War Block!

Linda said...

Julie, you poor dear! I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling your tote bag-making self! Feel better soon! Your haircut is adorable. You and Brooklynn look great. Her diaper-padded bum looks especially pat-able.

Jan Quigley said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!! Love the 'do,' very chic. :-)

Dianne said...

Hope you are feeling much better now Julie. Your new 'do' is very nice.

Katherine said...

Great looking new do, Julie. Maybe I should hop a plane to let your talented stylist makeover my mop. ;o) I'm long overdue and it's getting rather scary looking.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

cathron01 said...

Glad I saw the new haircut... I may not have recognized you in the street... LOL

I am going to get mine all chopped off too.....

Cath Ü