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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little quiet on the quilting front.

It’s been a while since my last post, keeping busy with this and that, fighting a summer cold and generally seeing the hours in my day’s fly by with surprising speed.

By the end of the working week my head is in a spin, all those things I thought I would get done, are often left for the next week….. but that’s life right now and I am working on acceptance rather than fighting a losing battle.

We celebrated Jordan’s 14th birthday with a small family get together for coffee and cake.

P1030670     P1030673

In this photo is my mother, Jordan and Corrie, then Jordan gives us his best models pose!

I managed a little stitching.


This blocks comes from Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Quilt Blocks this one is called Tears for Texas.  I have fallen behind with these blocks a little, but will get at least a few more done next weekend perhaps.


These blocks intrigued me when I found them while blog surfing, Sonnets of the Moon has a tutorial on this block turning her three into a table runner.  I pulled out my red scrap box and my green scrap box. But even after making these three blocks I seem to have just as many bits of fabric still left in the boxes??  How does that work?  Does fabric expand once exposed to the air and light??  I’m beginning to think so!

Yesterday a group of us got together for a little stitching, chatting and catching up.  I belong to the online quilting group Southern Cross Quilters and the Brisbane girls meet once a month at The Quilters Store.  It is always a fun day with lots of show and tell and often a bit of raucous laughter.  This was the first GTG for 2011.  A little browsing in the shop saw me bring home some stabilizer called Parlan, a few from the SCQ group had been talking about it for use behind embroidery and as I always love  to try new things, I bought some.  It was $6.50 a metre and iron on to boot…..both very good traits as far as first impressions go. A pattern from Aunties Two found it’s way into my hot little hands; Party Slippers no less! and just for fun, two skeins of Cosmo variegated embroidery thread.

This week I managed to get the prep work done on the round robin I’m a part of, and have most of the hexagons completed. It will be nice to see the finished product!


My light box once again came into it’s own for this project.  I had printed off just half of the design from the Blog and after tracing that section off just flipped it over and traced off the other half thanks to the strength of the light from below! I am so hoping the recipient likes what we’ve all done with her central embroidery block!

The weekend can’t come to an end without a glimpse of our beautiful daughter Leah and delightful grand daughter Brooklynn,  here they are!P1030688

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Sue said...

Lovely photos as usual Julie. Nice to see your Mum!
My, isn't Jordan growing up, and that lovely BABY and her Mum.
Love the new blog look also!
Gosh I'm so loving aren't I, and no I haven't had a wine yet.:-))