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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Candied Hexagons Quilt top complete

Ah…..I’ve just breathed a sigh of satisfaction!  My Candied Hexagon quilt top is all done.

I was caught up in the hype of this design during 2010 and it is so far out of my comfort zone I am still amazed I started it, let alone finished it!  My original plan on seeing the photograph of the original quilt in Quilters Companion Magazine was to use English Paper Piecing and make it my portable project for 2010.  Once I had my copy of the pattern that changed dramatically.  I realized that cutting all the foundation papers was not going to happen, and after I read the instructions I saw the quilt designer Kerry Dear machine pieced hers after using a set of Marti Mitchell templates to rotary cut the fabric.

I thought “Hey that’s doable!” I Ordered the template pack and borrowed my friend Gail’s turntable cutting board, and off I went.

Without even realizing it I had set in motion what has become my mantra for 2011

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

It is my usual practice to go gangbusters on a project, looking ahead to the finish line rather than checking out the fabulous scenery that I’m madly passing!

This project was a little different, I worked on a section at a time, with no pressure to finish anything other than the part I was working on, enjoying how each block was coming together, unpicking if necessary, redoing a block that didn’t meet expectations, fondling the fabrics and marvelling at how they worked with each other.

My local PW&Q store had some meterage of the same fat-quarter pack I chose to work with and I added some of them to the mix. I also found a real bargain in the range at another store and I got 3 metres to use for my border.

All this I packaged together in a beaut 12” square box, I chose to work on it on a whim, or even with a plan, simply enjoying the process.


This it looked like yesterday before I added the borders.


Today the finished top!

The satisfaction I feel is a far cry from the relief that often accompanied the completion of a large project, for me.


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Kali said...

Julie the quilt is absolutely fabulous!!! I know there is a heap of work in that quilt and it is looking wonderful. Of course nothing compares with your Granddaughter...she's adorable.

Sue said...

Ohhhh! I'm so jealous, and it looks fabulous. I'd better get back into mine. Must stop handpiecing them ( I'm over that) and machine piece what I can. Might get it finished!!
Love the swimming photos.

Jan Quigley said...

Oh it's gorgeous!!!!! It's been on my to-do list since I bought the magazine years ago. I'm juggling a few things at the moment but I think this could be the year I finally get started. Thanks for motivating me. :-)

Maree: said...

Congratulations your Quilt is Gorgeous...I Love the Freshness of it and those Great Fabrics...
Your Should be Cuffed...
What a CutiePie...Oh Guess who's Crawling..

Dianne said...

Beautiful Julie, just like Brooklyn. She always seems to be asleep. Good baby!!

blessed speedy said...

Oh its fabulous and gorgeous - well nearly as fabulous and gorgeous as the two bottom pictures of your special one!

Doris said...

We did use some of the same your's!!!

And that little dolly in the Pooh outfit....yum!

LuAnn said...

Beautiful quilt! I love your fabric choices.

debbie said...

The quilt is just beautiful and of course so is little Miss B

Jenny said...

Congratulations, there is a whole lot of stitching in that quilt!

the perfect pear said...

wow! that quilt, is so cute and pretty! i love the pink and green colors! :)