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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a difference 48 hours makes?

Since my last blog update our city has been turned upside down by a flood of mammoth proportions. Our last ‘big’ flood was 1974 and with the technology of the day meant very slow and so much less information in comparison to what we’re getting in 2011.

As a 14 year old, my memories of the ‘74 floods are from a child's perspective, we got 2 extra weeks off school….. My family home wasn’t flooded or even near flooding we could easily see. So I think I was oblivious to much of the damage.

This event is a whole different ball game.


Photo courtesy of Nicola Rose

This 2011 shot was taken 24hours before the flood peak was reached. The Hotel on the right had water through the first level after the flood peak this time.


Photo courtesy of Nicola Rose

Fortunately the ‘74 flood peak level won’t be reached. Although the wet season isn’t over yet!


This photo was taken by my friend Debbie, with her daughter Marnie they got some great shots as the river started rising.


I took this photo on Wednesday 12th at about 9am, this is the car park entrance of a high-rise apartment block in Ipswich.


Thought a shot with Spotlight in the background was very appropriate. Not such good fortune for the houses in between Spotlight and me.


This is the intersection that we need to use to take Jordan to school. One Mile Bridge is about 2 metres under water.

162742_1829937355140_1441550794_32081285_8331149_nCentral Business District of Ipswich

164567_1828488478919_1441550794_32078476_5035536_nOur newest shopping centre

163996_1829937275138_1441550794_32081284_4023159_nAnother view of the CBD Ipswich

Photos courtesy of Nicola Rose


Of course the ever protective Poppy with Brooklynn waiting for us in the shade of the fence!

The water continued down the Bremer River, joining the Brisbane River…. causing more destruction.


Brisbane City


South Bank


Ipswich Motorway


Toowong Round about


Milton Suncorp Stadium

In the midst of the havoc, there is still someone with sense of humour!

The clean up will begin once the water recedes, and the grim task of confirming the number of dead. There will be a long road ahead for many many families. It will be heartbreaking to say the least.

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Maree: said...

I didn't realize you were in that area Julie...Glad to hear you are safe & dry...

Dianne said...

Julie, It certainly is a heart breaking time for people in Ipswich and Brisbane. We have family who have been affected in Fairfield. Glad you are all safe and well. Love seeing the photos of the gorgeous Brooklyn. Di.

umbrellalady said...

My heart goes out for the communities and all the people in your area affected by the floods. So sad.
We are expecting a huge flood here in Manitoba (Canada) in a couple months once all our snow melts.