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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday and guess what…….? It’s still raining……!

Not to make too much of this inclement weather, I’m still enjoying doing a little stitching, and today I took out three patterns to try out.

Two are bag patterns and the other is a set of different sized Owls.

Here is what I’ve been working on.


These stitcheries have now joined the other two that I showed in an earlier post. These are both freebies by Gail Pan Designs.


The final parts of my Candied Hexagon blocks are now done and the task of stitching them all together has begun.  Keeping in mind I have a very short attention span, I know I won’t be able to work on this task to the exception of all others, it may take some time to be completed.

P1030560 P1030561

This half of the blocks are laid out beside my sewing machine, and I must step over them to get to the machine, this alone may give me the motivation I need to get them all together.

Rarely a post that doesn’t have a bag or two in it, and this one is no exception.


This one comes from the Tilda book, Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. The organza layered flower was kindly made for me at a retreat held in June 2010 by Barb O she is a whiz at all things machine embroidered and these were some of the things she was experimenting on over that particular weekend.  Finally I have the perfect item to use them on,  thanks Barb!

I’m also thrilled to say that I’ve had an email from the deputy editor of Australian Homespun Magazine asking if I would like them to include my Selvedge Bag photograph in one of their upcoming magazines in the Readers Showcase section.” I certainly do!” I said.

My daughter Leah is an avid Face Book fan and entered a competition recently to win a MCN (Modern Cloth Nappy) The idea was to enter a photograph of your MCN collection, sign up as a follower to the blog and you could win the MCN of your choice. 

Here is Leah’s entry


Needless to say, when looking at this photograph…..she won!  Brooklynn is oblivious to all the excitement, but Leah is thrilled, she had been wanting to try this particular brand and now will get to do so free of charge!

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Linda said...

You always share the cutest stuff! Your stitcheries are extra nice. I stitched the "joy, hope, peace" one myself, but mine isn't nearly as pretty as yours. Love your background fabric.

And those hexies are gorgeous! Love, love them! You just keep steppin' girl! Lift those knees high.

Leah took such a creative photo. Wow! It's really eye-catching. So these are cloth nappies? Well, they're definitely the "green" way to go and the bright colors make them fun. They're sure not a bit like the plain - dingy! - white ones we used to use!

Linda said...

P.S. Oh, and happy congratulations on being tapped for "Homespun" and the Reader's Showcase. That selvage bag deserves extra notice. Guess you 'n me... we're two of a kind.

Sue said...

Wow you are clever. Fancy Homespun eh? I will be in esteemed company next time I see you. VBG!
Ohhh love your hexies. So much better than mine. I'm jealous.
How lovely for Leah. My wee GS who is now nearly 8 was in a leaflet advertising babywear in one of our big chain stores over here when he was about 12 months old. Of course Granny has to keep at least half a dozen of those leaflets!

Dianne said...

What a fabulous photo! Leah should be very proud. Your selvedge bag was great, so not surprising Homespun wants to publish it. Love looking at all the bags you do, Julie.