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Friday, January 14, 2011

Nowhere to go certainly makes one productive.

I’ve been sewing up a storm, as we stay glued to the around the clock flood disaster coverage on the TV.

My sewing room is beside the room we watch TV in and with a strategically placed gap in the wall, I am able to feel like I’m with my family even when I’m not.


This bag is appropriately called a Snap Bag by Lacy Hill of Golden Thyme Designs. The pattern was amongst the several many purchased at the last Quilt/Craft Show in Brisbane in October 2010.

I had already purchased the tubular frame on line, and these fabrics were in my stash, thanks to a Bus Trip to Toowoomba in September 2010. So it is just about as close to a free project as it could get!


These two blocks come from an encounter with my friend Sue’s Blog.  She was very sneaky and posted her versions of these blocks, saying how it would be great to use her stash of Civil War themed fabric collection.  Well I know she was deliberately tempting me, and I told her so!

I too have a small stash of these types of fabrics for the Dear Jane I began (and have not progressed past 12 blocks). As these blocks are 8” finished I thought it was a much more ‘doable’ project for me right now. So what’s a girl to do…….well the above two blocks are the answer I guess.

If anyone else wants to be tempted, have a look at Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilts.


I’m not planning on eating these lentils, I had to ask the shop assistant where I could find them as I don’t think I have ever purchased them before.  I don’t think I’ve ever tasted them, but I know I don’t eat them!  If that sounds silly, you don’t know my mother!  We don’t eat Tuna……I’m not sure we’ve ever tasted Tuna either, but Mum says we don’t eat it……I’m sure that’s also the reason we don’t eat lentils!  Stay tuned for where they’ll be used.



Oh yes, it’s yet another bag!  This one by Monica Poole of Moon Shine is called Spice of Life.  Another pattern purchased at the Quilt/Craft Show in October 2010, fabric from my stash, so another free project.

166296_10150093690557249_522632248_6117552_8365035_nHere’s the beautiful girl! What a darling she is!


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1 comment:

Jan Quigley said...

Lol, I could relate to 'we don't eat tuna' that was the rule in our house too, we ate salmon. It seemed like it was a 'class' thing. :-)
Love your bags, they are the kind of bags you can actually see into, I hate scrabbling around in a bag trying to find things.
As always I'm jealous of your gorgeous grand daughter.
cheers, Jan