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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

‘Tis me, here to show what I’ve been up to

I found a decorator item in a recent shopping expedition, it says

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

and that’s just what I plan on doing.  No more countdowns from me.  I realized I was forever looking forward to an upcoming event without making the most of the moment I was in.

I’ve made a decision to make my days count!


My selvedge projects so far. The handbag is from Australian Homespun The Go Green Issue No.84 (Vol11.5) by Jodie Carleton of Ric Rac, the renowned Selvedge Queen.

I’d been collecting selvedge's for a couple of years and decided that this was the perfect project to begin using them on.  I also realized I had collected some useless bits in my ignorance.  There is a pile of bits to be binned, and a container now emptied.

That is progress!


I posted a hint at a bird cage purchase I’d made back in September, and here is how it has turned out.

Fabric birds from Sew Pretty Homestyle a Tilda Book.

Today I did a little free-motion quilting, using the Ultimate Machine Quilting Kit I purchased several months ago. 

I thought I was a reasonable machine quilter prior to buying this kit, but as someone who is always looking to improve my technique I thought I’d give it a try, the Aussie dollar being what it is made the decision very easy too.

First impressions…..fabulous! The back is as good as the front, no more loss of tension on the curves, no jumping and multiple stitch lengths, so I’m a happy quilter.

With more practice I’m sure I will be even happier with my improved technique.

Thanks for visiting…..



P.S. did you really think I’d update my blog without a photo of our darling Brooklynn?

165772_10150097299432249_522632248_6190819_2399216_nHelping her mummy do the washing!


Maree: said...

I have made the same wasting time this year for me either...I think I might need that Machine Quilting Kit sounds like it would fix up my mistakes...
I forgot to comment on your last post re: Xmas..Brooklyn is like her Dad..and she is just the Cutest...Love her in this piccie all Smiles...
cheers Nanna.

Linda said...

I'm glad to hear you're making each day count. And how is it that the things you make always seem to be right up my alley? I simply adore that selvage handbag. I'd make it in a heartbeat. Cute, cute, cute! As is Brooklyn. You have lots of great things to count!

Jan Quigley said...

Love the selvedge bag Julie. I've just started saving selvedges. Also love the birds in the cage & I have that Tilda book. :-) Brooklyn is a little doll.

Daphne said...

Lovely work as usual, Julie. Amazing what can come from selvedges, isn't it? I am also a besotted nanna as you may have noticed on my blog (which hasn't been updated for yonks) - Henry is now five months old and just gorgeous with big blue eyes. Your little girl is beautiful - such a joy, aren't they?

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Your selvedge projects are fab,Julie. I have heaps of selvedges saved and given by friends. Must use them!! I love your motto. Di

Sue said...

Love the selvege bags Julie. You are a wizzkid! Had to laugh at being called a very naughty girl. Don't think any-one has called me that since my mother did when I was a little. haha!
Love bubby. Isn't she a cutiepie.

Leah said...

LOVE the selvege bag!!!