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Monday, January 03, 2011

Here I am………

It’s been a while I know, but I haven’t been totally idle I promise.


This quickie project is using polar fleece and cotton interlock fabric. The joining is achieved by cutting 3” snips into each side of the fabrics that have been sandwiched wrong sides together, cutting a 3” square out of each corner. The while sitting on the floor, you proceed around the sandwich, tying knots in the fringe created by the 3” snips, double knots that is.

Then wash and dry. My particular sandwich has shrunk on the cotton interlock side only, so it has a bit of an ‘unusual’ look….. but it feels lovely and it’s to be a floor rug for Brooklynn to keep at our place. Today while Leah was visiting she slept for several hours covered by it in the port-a-cot. Must be suitable then!!


I made a heat bag for Corrie recently that is so big and heavy it stops the microwave turntable from turning, so this is a more streamlined model. Just waiting for the original bag back so I can recycle the wheat.

P1030533A store bought interlock hoodie has been made into a cardigan style rather than an over the head model. Hate it messing up my hair!!

P1030538 Freebie Stitchery block from Gail Pan Designs

P1030539 Another Freebie Stitchery block…..from Designs by Fee I can't find it on her site she may have moved it? If you contact her she may she may be able to point you in the right direction. Such a delightfully simple and easy design, I whipped it up in double quick time. Especially with my new light box on duty! Best purchase for 2010 I’m sure.

Thought I’d get a head start on Christmas 2011, I have another two traced and ready to begin stitching.

I realized just how much I love embroidery as I began working on these. I've used Cosmo threads on these blocks, the two strands on a reel version….. I ordered them from Jo-Jo’s Quilt & Gift Shoppe in the US. They are fabulous to use… I’d like the WHOLE collection…..must control myself!


Another bag I hear you ask? Not for me this time, it’s a Baby Bag for my friend’s son’s partner, Amy, she is due any day now.

One fat quarter pack and a metre each of two matching fabrics, has produced a surprising amount of fabric.


A floor quilt and a pram quilt and more scraps still to make a couple of pockets and pouches….The wonder of fat quarter bundles!

I’ve saved the best for last……

Christmas Day 2010


Today 3rd January 2011. She's almost laughing out loud, and making the cutest sounds.

brooklynn 033brooklynn 028brooklynn 041brooklynn 030

Thanks for visiting, the besotted Nanny……



Kali said...

I can see why you are so besotted Nanny, she is absolutely divine!!

Love your stitcheries Julie, especially the swirly one..did you remember where the pattern came from?

Happy New Year.

Joy said...

Gawjus stitcheries Julie :o) ... looks like you're getting a headstart on your 2011 Christmas stitching ;o). Your little darling gets cuter with each post ... bless :o).
Joy ;o)

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Well done on what you have achieved so far. Your little granddaughter is simply gorgeous, no wonder you are besotted with her. From another besotted Nanna, Di

Linda said...

Dear Besotted Nanny,

You have every right to feel as you do. These little ones are so precious... until they bring home a cold from daycare... and share it with their Nana... that turns into sinusitis and an ear infection. Gotta love antibiotics though. No time to lay about when one needs to keep up with Besotted Nanny. I especially love your Fee stitchery and baby bag. Lovely work.

Enjoy! Have a wonderful 2011.

Sue said...

Isn't she just gorgeous. Makes you want to give her a big cuddle. I can see Nanna's not the only besotted one!
Isn't it heartwarming when the big men hold and play with them.
She's a lucky girl to have lovely Grandparents.