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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back to work this week

As the title says I went back to work this week, after 5 glorious weeks holiday we had a gentle beginning to the term as we prepared for school to start next week.

It was a busy week on the home front.  Jordan needed new school uniforms, he has grown so much over the holiday’s and his feet have gone up a whole size too.  Then there was a much needed hair cut.

I helped my mother buy a new car, enjoyed a coffee and cake night with the ladies from my patchwork club, Georgie went to the vet for surgery on a torn cruciate ligament, I shopped for groceries on line, and had Leah and the bub visit one night for dinner.

On Friday it was a nice feeling to be able to come home from work and not have to go any where or do anything much when I got here.

Greg is busy painting the room that was Leah’s for Jordan to move into.  This room is bigger and he is certainly growing! Right now the house is in a bit of disarray with bit’s of the ‘spare’ room spread around.  I felt myself getting antsy with the visual ness, then mentally kicked myself in the rear… least while it looks like this no one expects me to clean it do they???

I decided a nanny nap was in order in then I would be able to sit up a little latter watching TV while I did the hand stitching of the binding on a quilt I am just about to finish.

All in all I think I have made my days count this week.


Here is how I used the lentils! This cute pattern is “Lucky Owls” by Jane MacDonald.


The evidence of Georgie’s surgery. The collar is because she won’t leave the leg alone and was making a mess of the area originally covered by the sticking plaster.  The vet has given us some cortisone cream to help stop the irritation.  She isn’t happy at all with the collar, can you tell??


Baby Quilt basted and ready for quilting…..just waiting for the design to ‘pop’ into my head!


Brooklyn is now just over 3 months old and as sweet as a baby can be!


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Kali said...

Love your owls Julie, I can just imagine a certain little somebody making a beeline for them in 12 months time! How did Georgie hurt her leg? Poor little thing.

Maree: said...

Love your Owls little Brooklyn is filling out beautifully & she is sucking her thumb
Hope your first week back goes OK..

Cath Ü said...

Brooklyn is gorgeous.... and I also love the owls...

Cath Ü

PatchWorkPrincess said...

Love the Owls... I have the pattern somewhere. Did you put your Lentils in the freezer for a while ? apparently kills any weevil eggs etc that may be in them ...eeeewwwww.