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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A mid week weekend!

26th January, Australia Day means many things, just one of those is a public holiday, this year a mini weekend right in the middle of the week

Down side is that I get to experience “Mondayitis” twice in one week!!

My sister Wanda and her family joined us for an Australia Day BBQ and swim at our place. Brooklynn had her very first swim in the pool, it was very exciting for us all to share in one of her ‘first’s’ we look forward to many more of these wonderful moments.


She lasted about 20 minutes before she tired of it and wanted out! Fun while it lasted!

My mid week flaunt is a finished quilt, this one was started in a Jan Phillips workshop back in October 2008. It was a two day workshop held over two weekends. Lots of cutting and lots of piecing, with set in seams, but oh how effective the finished quilt looks.

I’m thrilled with the results of my version of the quilt.


P1030631 P1030632

The free motion feathers were a fun way to practice, I like the way they’ve come up, with a little more practice I can only get better!

That’s about it for my mid week post,

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Victoria said...

I love the quilt Julie. The colours are brilliant.

Brooklynn will probably love the water if you keep taking her in like that. When Tiffany was a baby we used to take her in my parent's pool and she loved it. I used to find that water always relaxed her when she was stressed too.

Linda said...

How fun your holiday was! A backyard pool, family visiting, a swim with Brooklynn... how could it be any more perfect. I'm pea-green that you can be in an outdoor pool in the dead of winter. And I'm smiling at your precious Aussie-ness, already teaching Brooklynn to learn to swim.

That quilt IS gorgeous! Beautiful colors, and those smashing stars! As my mom used to say, "You done good!"

Tammy said...

gorgeous quilt and i love the colors you used as well. Happy Australia day - a bit late. And our granddaughter, just so sweet and adorable. Takes me back to when our little Ben was born and he's 8 now - to grown up for the cuddle days - well almost. Grandchildren are the VERY best!!